It's Possible To Blend Carbonated Drinks, But There's A Catch

If you like any type of carbonated drink — whether it's soda or sparkling water or something else — and you also like blended drinks, then you've probably wondered whether there's any possible way to combine the two. Maybe you want a cola flavor in a blended drink concoction, or maybe you want the taste of lemon sparkling water in your fruit smoothie. Whatever the case, you may be wondering if you can pour a can of your favorite beverage into your blender without it turning into a bubbly mess. The short answer is yes — but there is a caveat.

Basically, if you decide you want to add a carbonated drink to your blender, you need to keep in mind that the carbonated drink won't be nearly as carbonated after it's been blended; the pressure during blending will lead to all the gas bubbles in the drink expanding and bursting, thus losing carbonation. But if you're willing to lose some bubbles, you can totally put your soda — or another carbonated beverage of choice — into your blender. Of course, getting the results you want involves more than simply pouring in your carbonated drink and hoping for the best.

The best ways to blend carbonated drinks

If you're determined to blend up your carbonated beverage, then there are some tips to keep in mind in order to have the best experience — and get the best-tasting drink out of it. For example, drinks lose carbonation more quickly when exposed to heat, so if possible, make sure that your other ingredients are cold before blending everything up. Blending on a low speed will also give you the best chance of not stirring up and bursting all of the carbon dioxide bubbles, keeping some of that carbonation intact through the blending process (and lowering the chances of a mess while the blender's running). Similarly, try to avoid blending your new concoction more than absolutely necessary.

While these measures are the best bet for maintaining some of that carbonation after blending, it admittedly still won't be the same as a freshly opened carbonated beverage. If you can't bear to give up that bubbly texture and really want to keep as much carbonation as possible, then there's always the option to add the carbonated drink to your blended concoction after all of the other ingredients have gone through the blender.