6 Steakhouses That Offer Birthday Freebies

With each passing year, birthday festivities can lose a little bit of their excitement. What doesn't get old are the countless gifts that restaurants and establishments hand out every year. For a once-a-year type of memorable occasion, a special outing is almost always in the cards, and it doesn't get more indulgent than a perfect steak dinner. Today, a classic steakhouse is emblematic of American luxury, but that wasn't always the case. What was once seen as a place of refuge for the working class to scarf down a filling, meat-centric meal became a ritzy institution as prices escalated over the years.

Restaurant chains can afford to set high standards, so once a year, when the clock strikes midnight, those celebrating a birthday can indulge in a little something extra. Freebies are typically offered to get patrons in the door, but the joy of birthday giveaways is you're likely already planning on the adventure, so it's just a bonus. These steakhouses have been around for ages, and they're happy to provide more than just some blushing with a silly Happy Birthday theatrical performance.

Black Angus Steakhouse

Black Angus Steakhouse has been an American treasure since 1964. With over 30 locations, primarily along the Pacific coast, the restaurant is clearly doing something right. Its fame largely rose due to the bargain price tag that was unheard of during the 1960s. Black Angus Steakhouse, which originated in Seattle, dished out massive portions for only $2.99. Hungry West Coast workers were lured in but shuffled out quickly to make way for the next crowd and keep the profits high. Unlike today, the restaurant was so eager for a turnaround that they didn't even offer dessert.

Black Angus offers one of the most savvy birthday specials: A free steak dinner. The chain eatery has a rewards program that seriously bulks on the points with every purchase, but regardless of your spending habits, your bill will be a bargain if that ID reads a year older. The steakhouse's "Prime Club" only requests an email, making it easy to reap the rewards, even when a birthday is right around the corner. The steakhouse shows some serious appreciation for its regulars, so the deals don't even stop there. Surprise rewards will find their way to your inbox on the regular, and they don't seem to skimp on birthday month specials.

Morton's The Steakhouse

Here we have another classic. Morton's has been one of the top steakhouses in America for over 40 years, and the old-world charm hasn't wavered. Ever since the "Million-Dollar Hamburger" was concocted by co-founder Klaus Fritsch, he and Arnie Morton set out to deliver the finest cuts of meat in Chicago. First opening in 1978, Morton's has expanded far and wide, given the team's superior customer care and dedication to simple, good food.

With premier beef comes multiple dollar signs, but thanks to Morton's appreciation for its clientele, they offer quite the feast on birthdays. As part of the Landry Group, Morton's rewards program serves up big deals. By joining Landry's Select Club, you'll score plenty of birthday discounts, but the one to look out for is Morton's $25 gift card. Plenty of spots offer goodies on such a notable day, but Morton's lets you celebrate all month long. The exclusive deal will land in your inbox once the month of your birthday rolls around, and you'll have weeks to take advantage of it.

Fogo de Chao

Unlike the many American steakhouses offering birthday treats, Fogo de Chao delivers a different experience. The Brazilian steakhouse honors the "culinary art of Churrasco," serving up succulent meats in Southern Brazillian fire-roasted style. Between the ambiance and all-you-can-eat attitude, Fogo de Chao is a blast. Walking through the doors of any of the 60 locations feels like stepping into a different world, making it the perfect setting for an unforgettable birthday bash. With servers carving a variety of meats tableside, this is certainly not a place anyone leaves still hungry. They make getting your money's worth easy, especially on your birthday.

Joining the Fogo eClub will lock in some great deals, but the birthday offer will have you making Fogo birthday plans the moment the clock strikes midnight. A bit before the big day, a coupon code will pop up in your inbox. Grab a crew and head to the nearest Fogo de Chao for the ultimate birthday experience, full of freebies.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is a well-known classic with over 150 locations across multiple countries. What modestly started in New Orleans in 1965 is now a global force when it comes to steakhouse chains, especially since it was acquired by Olive Garden's parent company, Darden Restaurants. Ruth took the American steakhouse aesthetic and brought it across the country, ultimately even to Canada and Mexico. Having built its reputation in the 1970s, Ruth's Chris is no stranger to steakhouse traditions, including finishing it off with a sweet palate cleanser.

If you indulge in a Ruth's Chris steak dinner on your birthday, a free seasonal dessert will arrive at your table, perhaps even accompanied by a classic birthday jingle. The free birthday dessert will change with the season but will always be deliciously free. Most recently, lucky celebrators were served a slice of velvety cheesecake topped with fresh berries in locations surrounding New York City. There is no doubt it's an iconic end to a heavy meal, but it has to be said that everything tastes better when it's free.

LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse has made a huge name for itself since its humble beginnings in 1980s Georgia. With over 500 locations, it's a common strip mall feature and stop along the highway. Despite the growing number of franchises, LongHorn is a trusted spot to stop for a quick steak with no sacrifice to quality. The restaurant is proud to boast that it's "for steak lovers, by steak lovers," and there's no doubt about that. Chances are, the average steak eater is familiar with this signature eatery, even if only through the incessant TV advertisements.

LongHorn Steakhouse will treat you to a free birthday sundae on your big day. Joining their email club will ensure you have a coupon to flash, but upon request, most locations won't hesitate to deliver a birthday sundae gratis. As long as you purchase an entree, a delicious dessert will soon be on its way. Sundaes seem to be the standard, but amongst their hundreds of restaurants, one could get lucky with some other options.

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille may be slightly greener than some of these classic steakhouses, having been introduced in the 90s, but that does not reflect its level of service and quality. The original eatery opened in Union Station, the heart of Providence, and fed ravenous travelers consistently. It has stayed loyal to its locals during decades of being a city staple, only relocating once just a few minutes down the road. Luckily for the rest of the world, more than 60 locations have popped up nationwide, and the incredible experience isn't reserved for Rhode Islanders.

The Capital Grille thanks its loyal patrons every year with a complimentary birthday surprise. After a lavish steak dinner (or one of the steakhouse's other show-stopping dishes), you can revel in their Celebration platter, which is essentially a spread of assorted sweets. While this dessert may be free, it's far from a simple plate of chocolates piled atop each other. As one of Darden Restaurants' more upscale endeavors, expect mouthwatering desserts.