The Best Barbecue Tip For Multitasking Grill Masters

Cookouts and barbecues are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and connect with your family and friends. However, if you've been tasked with manning the grill, these events can come with a lot of pressure. After all, the grill master is in charge of making sure everyone is fed, and what's a picnic without plenty of juicy hamburgers and hot dogs? You may be tempted to crank up the heat in order to get all the food out as fast as possible, but for the best barbecue experience, you should actually turn the temperature down.

Speaking to the Washington Post, barbecue pitmaster Ryan Mitchell said for casual cookouts, he keeps his grill below 325 degrees Fahrenheit. He said that keeping the temperature low "gives me time to put a beer in a koozie or make some mixed drinks. I can have conversation with the family and it gives me the ability to multitask." Cooking meat and other items at a low temperature will still produce delicious results while giving you enough time to relax and enjoy yourself since at the end of the day, that's what cookouts are all about.

Grill slow and low to give yourself time to relax

If you're concerned about the grill not being hot enough to properly cook everything, rest assured that it will just take longer, but you can always invest in a quality meat thermometer to make sure everything is safe. A lower temperature might end up actually improving your food since as it turns out, sometimes it pays to undercook food when grilling. While you're waiting for everything to cook, it's a good idea to employ some other grilling hacks. For example, opt for indirect heat rather than putting items directly over the flame. This will help avoid giving the food too much of a char, especially since it will have to be on the grill longer.

It's never a good idea to leave a grill completely unattended, but cooking at a low temperature will give you enough wiggle room so you're not glued to your post. It will also give you more control over the final product by creating plenty of time to check the doneness of each individual item. By grilling everything slow and low, you'll be able to enjoy your next barbecue as much as the people who are lucky enough to get to eat your food.