The Stunning Trader Joe's Tucked Inside An Old Movie Theatre Is Picture Perfect

There's no denying that Trader Joe's is a fan-favorite grocery store. From the affordable prices to unique snacks to the fun atmosphere, there's a whole lot to love. And one of the locations in Houston, Texas takes that fun atmosphere to the next level by way of its location: an old movie theater.

Yep, if you travel to Houston, you'll be able to visit, and even buy your groceries, from a movie-theater-turned-Trader-Joe's — talk about a unique experience. And if you're a cinephile who loves a fun grocery store, well then this TJ's location is just about tailor-made for you.

Formerly the Alabama Theatre, the building dates all the way back to the 1930s. After acting as a movie theater until 1983, the building was turned into a bookstore before, finally, becoming a Trader Joe's in 2012. So what's it like to visit a grocery store that used to be a movie theater?

The Houston TJ's keeps the vibe of its movie theater origins

The original movie theater was constructed in the art deco style, which has been maintained over the years, including in the building's current form of being a Trader Joe's. As reported by Chron, just before the TJ's opened, crew members spent over 1,000 hours refurbishing the building, with much focus placed on the medallion design on the ceiling.

As fans of the chain know, Trader Joe's loves a good theme — and what better theme to have for a former movie theater than that of a cinema? While the redesign was happening, the crew came up with fake movie theaters to decorate the walls with "titles" such as "Gentlemen Prefer Blonde Ales" and "Pulpy Fiction." They also kept the movie theater marquee at the front –  with a Trader Joe's sign sitting above — to maintain the feeling of walking into a traditional movie theater.

While there doesn't seem to be any special food offerings, this store — just like any Trader Joe's — has plenty of snacks fit for a movie screening, such as popcorn and candy.