The Clever Reason To Keep A Shoe Organizer Inside Your Pantry Door

Sometimes, trying to keep your pantry organized can feel like a battle between you and your ever-growing collection of canned goods, cleaning supplies, baking products, and snacks. Luckily, there are plenty of pantry storage hacks out there to help you regain control of a disorganized kitchen. And one particular tip focuses on maximizing your storage space by utilizing your pantry door. As it turns out, a shoe organizer is the perfect way to expand your pantry's storage options.

A simple shoe organizer that you hook onto a door is an affordable way to add extra storage to your pantry. Depending on the model you choose, there will be upwards of two dozen pockets available to hold whatever your heart desires. They're especially good at storing things like protein bars or smaller packs of snacks that may otherwise get lost in the depths of your cabinets. When you're searching for a shoe organizer, it's a good idea to look for one that has clear or mesh pockets so you can easily see what each section is storing.

A shoe organizers creates pantry storage possibilities

Snacks and other food items aren't the only things a hanging shoe organizer can help stow away. It can also hold extra cleaning products, like sponges, rags, and sprays. That way when a mess suddenly occurs, you can quickly grab the supplies you need to clean it up. A shoe organizer could also keep your spice collection neat and tidy, or store the reusable water bottles that would otherwise be taking up space in your cabinets.

To really take your pantry organization to the next level, you can add a label to each pocket of your new storage solution so there's no question over what goes where. You can quickly pin an index card to a mesh shoe organizer, or write directly on a plastic one with a dry-erase marker so you can make adjustments.

Shoe organizers can easily be added to any room in your home that needs some extra space, like a bathroom or even a craft room. If you're looking for other unconventional ways to expand your pantry storage, check out this tension rod tip. A tidy pantry that's free of clutter can take away a lot of stress from day-to-day kitchen tasks, so invest in a shoe organizer to keep your pantry as neat as possible.