For Leak-Proof Tacos, Add Layers Of Lettuce

How lucky we are to live in a world where one of the most enjoyable holidays comes every week: Taco Tuesday. Unfortunately, with every taco comes the threat of a soggy taco shell. Neither hard or soft tortilla shells are safe from this menace. The culprit is often the combination of salsa, aiolis, ripe tomatoes, and juicy meats — so how do we decrease the possibility of a messy, falling-apart shell without sacrificing flavor and leaving behind a dry taco? By adding a lettuce liner, of course.

The next time you make a round, like these incredible grilled shrimp tacos, prepare a few leaves of lettuce that will line up with your tortilla shell. Adding this layer of lettuce before the other toppings will act as a barrier between the juicy taco fillings and the shell, creating some protection from leaks and keeping your taco more intact. Furthermore, the leafy greens will add a nice crisp bite. Along with being water-resistant, lettuce also contains vitamins A and K, so it will add a bit of nutrition to your meal as well.

Choose any type of lettuce to save your tacos

Iceberg, romaine, and loose-leaf lettuce are among the most common lettuce varieties when it comes to adorning tacos, and their big, broad leaves make them well-suited for this hack. But with a little finesse, you can definitely use the countless other types of lettuce instead. For example, if you were to make tacos with Asian-inspired fillings, you could use tatsoi greens to line your shell and go perfectly with your flavors. You'll just have to make sure you arrange the leaves so there aren't any gaps for juices to get through. 

Some people like to add an extra tortilla to their tacos to prevent leaks, but this can throw off the shell-to-fillings ratio. Lettuce is a great tool for this task because its flavor is very subtle and will add texture to your taco without overpowering the other ingredients. When Taco Tuesday — or whatever day you celebrate this versatile dish — rolls around again, line your tacos with some leak-proof leaves, and lett-uce all be grateful for them!