Snickers Sweetens Up Summer With New Butterscotch Scoop Bar

Butterscotch is an old-fashioned flavor with mysterious, murky origins that likely trace back to 19th-century England. But that doesn't mean that it is out-of-line with current taste trends; it's a classic for a reason. Further evidencing this point, Mars Wrigley has announced a new version of its popular Snickers candy bar, Butterscotch Scoop, that plans to make this summer extra sweet and decadently rich (via a press release).

Snickers fans, worry not, as this latest iteration still features the classic combination of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts that make the bar what it is. The addition here is a layer of soft butterscotch nougat that evokes flavors of butterscotch ice cream. Senior Marketing Director, Martin Terwilliger, notes the new flavor is in keeping with the company's aim to energize fans with playful, creative spins on its favorite candy. 

Walmart stores nationwide will be the exclusive carrier of Snickers Butterscotch Scoop beginning this month. The candy bar will be available in the standard single size and in stand-up pouches full of fun-size bars.

New twists on an old classic

This isn't the first time Mars Wrigley has introduced new flavors of the Snickers bar. In 2018, the company announced a whopping three new flavors set for summer of that year: Fiery, Espresso, and Salty & Sweet, with each cheekily aimed at curing a different hunger-related mood. 2020 saw the candy maker permanently add a white chocolate version of the Snickers bar to its roster. And, in 2021, Snickers introduced another twist on a classic dessert with its almond brownie bar.

While changing up the recipe every now-and-again is all well and good, the original Snickers bar is a classic for a reason. For nearly a century, the candy bar has been a reliable treat and lauded hunger-buster thanks to the hearty combination of nougat, caramel, and peanuts all enrobed in milk chocolate. The Mars family were noted horse breeders who count a Kentucky Derby winner among their stable, so it is little surprise that they borrowed the name of one of their favorite thoroughbreds for the stout candy bar.