The World's Largest Key Lime Pie Rang In The Florida Keys' Bicentennial

When you think of the Florida Keys, you think of ... eating key lime pie, right? Well, at least the locals chose to when the string of islands celebrated its bicentennial on Monday. The gathering occurred at the Big Pine Community Park, located beside the Gulf of Mexico in the Lower Keys.

As NBC Miami reports, the celebration paid tribute to when the Florida Territorial Legislature established Monroe County, which happened on July 3, 1823. And, as it turns out, this tangy treat is actually the most fitting dessert to celebrate this particular 200th birthday with. Key lime pie may have contentious origins, but it did in fact most likely originate in none other than the Florida Keys. The pie dates back to the 1800s and was made the state's official pie in 2006.

Just any old key lime pie was not enough for the occasion, however, which is why the residents opted for the world's largest key lime pie ever. The celebratory creation measures at 13.14 feet in diameter — which is certainly quite the feat, to say the least. So how was this key lime pie made — and more importantly, how was it eaten?

Two chefs collaborated on the massive key lime pie

The world's largest key lime pie was made by two local chefs, Kermit Carpenter and Paul Menta. The recipe used approximately 16 gallons of Key lime juice, 125 pounds of graham crackers, and 100 gallons of sweetened condensed milk.

Florida Keys County Commissioner Michelle Lincoln commented on the occasion to CBS News, stating, "In order to make a really good Key lime pie, you must have the perfect graham cracker crust; you must surround it and fill it with condensed milk and the juice of fresh Key limes."

We know what went into making it, but how did the residents eat the 13-foot pie? In a video by CBS News, the residents in attendance can be seen scooping the pie into cups, which is certainly the most practical way to go about enjoying the dessert, as the gigantic treat would likely be difficult to cut up into traditional slices. The key lime pie will be submitted for world record.