The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Away 12-Pack Soda Boxes

If you're the type of person who prefers the crisp taste of soda from a can rather than a bottle, chances are you've gone through your fair share of soda boxes. These cardboard boxes can be recycled once they're empty, but you can also give them new life by transforming them into an organizational tool. Twelve-pack soda boxes aren't just suited to holding soda cans — they are able to hold all sorts of canned goods, and can really help arrange your pantry.

After you've finished the last soda, don't throw the box away. Instead, fill it with any canned goods that have been taking up space in your pantry. The cans should fit perfectly into the boxes, and you can even use the pre-cut opening most soda boxes have to easily take out a can while the box is laying on its side. If you have multiple soda boxes, you can be more specific with your organizing by designating different boxes for different items. For example, you could have a box for soups, one for vegetables, and one for canned fish.

Turn empty soda boxes into a pantry storage solution

Preparing empty soda boxes for storage can be a fun and easy craft activity. All you need is some glue or tape, and some decorative paper from Amazon or your local art supply store (You could also create your own designs using blank construction paper). Simply wrap the soda box in the paper of your choice and write a label on another piece of paper to attach to the front. You may also want to make sure that the back of the box is open so you can easily replenish it.

This hack also works with oddly shaped soda can boxes, such as La Croix boxes that are distinctly wider. Most soda boxes are somewhat square-shaped, which makes them super efficient for pantry storage. You're also not restricted to using them to store soda can-shaped items; these boxes are also great for organizing protein bars, granola bars, or small packets of fruit snacks or chips.

There are plenty of awesome pantry storage hacks for you to try. What makes this one special is that it helps to reduce waste, which is always a plus. Organizing your pantry can feel overwhelming, but tricks like this can make it more accessible. You just need a box of soda and a can-do attitude.