Pitmaster Rodney Scott's Best Tips For A Perfect Summer BBQ-Cuterie

If you thought the moment for charcuterie boards had passed, then you will be glad to know it has simply evolved. While typical charcuterie boards, butter boards, and even dessert or hot chocolate boards have come and gone, the latest trend is all about the grill. With more than 1.9 billion views on TikTok, barbecue charcuterie boards, or "bbq-cuterie," has officially taken over. But if you are a little intimidated by the idea of putting together the ultimate BBQ-cuterie board for your crew, turn to celebrity pit-master and owner of his namesake Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ, Rodney Scott. From the preparation to the presentation, Scott shared a few of his favorite tips with us.

Before even considering the presentation of your favorite barbecued meats, sides, and toppings, it is important to properly prep the cuts. "You want to prepare your proteins in a way that they can maintain their flavor and durability once you set it out on the board," Scott said. Timing is everything, so think ahead. "If you're going to have steaks and brisket, take those off the grill a little early to let it rest to let the flavors settle," he said. Other cuts like chicken, dark meat, and thighs stay moist for the longest period of time after cooking making them good options too. He also suggests placing the barbecue sauces on the board instead of the meat to avoid altering the texture.

How to best prep cuts of meat

Once all of the cuts of meat are prepared and ready to be plated, Scott suggests using any type of sturdy wooden board. Consider the design or how you want to present all of the barbecues along with all of the accouterments. With that in mind, Scott advises you to choose a handy board that can accommodate the presentation design you have in mind. That could include a table-length runner of food similar to a low-country boil or it could include different dishes to hold and layer the barbecue onto a smaller board.

Beyond the logistics of presenting an entire meal with your bbq-cuterie, Scott finds the innovative trend to be fun and creative. "You can really organize your board in whatever way is most visually pleasing to you," he said. Better yet, you can customize your board with exactly what you want to serve alongside the proteins. While he suggests traditional southern sides such as whole cornbread muffins, there are so many more options. "I'd also include pork skins in full form with a few crumbles on top of the pulled pork for decoration and arrange bushels of collard greens around the board," Scott said.

You should ultimately just have fun with your barbecue and enjoy the process of building the board. But whatever you do, Scott wants you to leave room for the sauces.