The 20 Best Restaurants In Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is a beautiful city known for its breathtaking architecture, underground caves, and renowned spas. However, Budapest is also home to a plethora of amazing restaurants, ranging from Michelin-starred fine dining to picturesque cafes located in the heart of the city. Since Hungary is known for producing some of the best paprika in the world, you'll want to order at least one dish that uses this vibrant spice at the forefront of its recipe.

Other iconic dishes, like goulash and stuffed cabbage, are also must-tries when in Budapest, and you'll be able to find both classic takes and more modern renditions all over the city. Though you'll need to make reservations for some of the more upscale, fine dining restaurants, one of the best things to do in Budapest is simply stroll through the city center, posting up on the patio at a local bistro. Below, some of the best restaurants in Budapest for visitors looking to enjoy a true taste of this historic city.

Essência Restaurant by Tiago & Éva

Essência Restaurant is a Michelin-guide spot that boasts a cozy-yet-charming interior, alongside an elevated menu to match. The plating  truly is a work of art, so if you're looking for an experience to tantalize your tastebuds and catching your eye, make a reservation. If you don't want to splurge on the tasting menu, consider visiting during lunch and ordering a la carte.

The octopus is one of the most popular dishes, as is the Hungarian water buffalo steak tartare. If you skip the octopus appetizer, be sure to order the octopus rice. The only dining option available at dinner is the five-course tasting menu; elevate your meal with a wine or zero-proof beverage pairing.


Considering Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous chefs in the world, any meal at Spago is sure to impress. The Budapest location is situated in stunning Matild Place, a Luxury Collection Hotel. From a creative new sushi menu to top-notch cocktails, Spago Budapest is well worth visiting, for locals and visitors alike. Though several items change out with the seasons, there are a few staples.

The Hungarian buffalo steak tartare is a flavorful yet light appetizer; the goulash soup offers a modern take on a traditional Hungarian recipe. The agnolotti is a must-order no matter when you visit, and the Japanese Wagyu A4 sirloin literally melts in your mouth.


Located at the bottom of the Basilica, Bestia is the place for a crisp Hungarian beer and hearty steak. The open kitchen gives diners a peek at the action, creating a lively, connected atmosphere that invites guests to feel at home. While steak is the star of the show, expect to embark on a culinary journey of international flavors.

The Bestia liver brûlée, with pickled veggies, is a unique starter worth trying. If you're visiting during a cold day and want a taste of Thai, go with the Tom Kha Gai. When it comes to meats, the filet mignon from Uraguay boasts bold flavors alongside a tender texture you won't want to miss.

Central Grand Cafe & Bar

Looking for a picturesque cafe with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating? If you visit Central Cafe in the morning, kick off your meal with a creamy cappuccino. Signature breakfast items include the Central Benedict with truffle, and the crispy polenta monsieur. A lunch or dinner visit, meanwhile, demands a glass of wine.

Sip on an Aperol spritz while enjoying black mussels in butter sauce as an appetizer. When it comes to mains, the chicken paprikash with buttered noodles should be at the top of your list. Hungary is known for having some of the best paprika in the world, and this dish is the perfect blend of comforting and hearty.

Artizán Pékség

Artizán Pékség is one of the best artisan bakeries in Budapest. Its use of local ingredients results in loaves of bread not only delicious but very nutritious. There are zero additives used in the baking process, ensuring that patrons can trust that everything is 100% natural. In addition to loaves of freshly baked bread, Artizán Pékség also serves delicate pastries and goodies.

From rhubarb croissants to sweet cruffins, there are plenty of treats to explore. That said, locals flock to the bakery for fresh bread to take home, and if you have the chance to try Artizán Pékség's baguette, take it.

Parisi Passage

In terms of ambiance, Párisi Passage provides one of the most stunning backdrops in Budapest. The grandiose architecture is dramatic and glamorous, and patrons are able to dine all day. The restaurant portion has a more intimate atmosphere and vibe, while the cafe is more open. If you're craving something sweet, order the cafe's iconic hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Should you choose to visit during dinner, enjoy classic Hungarian dishes like chicken paprikash with butter dumplings and sour cream or crispy duck leg with mashed potatoes. Everything from the meats to the cheeses are sourced locally, and patrons are able to taste the quality and freshness in each dish.

St. Andrea Restaurant

Recognized by the Michelin Guide since 2016, St. Andrea Restaurant mixes fine dining food with a laid-back atmosphere, providing the best of both worlds for patrons. If you choose to order a la carte, start off with the rainbow trout and duck liver. If it's in season, the asparagus cream soup with chicken dumplings is another star dish that should 100% make it to your table.

Popular mains range from the chicken paprika (of course) to the juicy Angus beef neck. However, the best way to enjoy an evening at St. Andrea Restaurant is to indulge in the Grand Superior Menu, which includes six decadent courses along with an optional wine pairing.

KOLLÁZS - Brasserie & Bar

Located in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, KOLLÁZS Brasserie & Bar is one of the sleekest, most chic places for apps and drinks in Budapest. The bar area has an indoor and an outdoor section, and guests are able to enjoy live music from local bands and DJs throughout the weekend.

Order oysters on ice to pair with a dirty martini as you soak up the elevated energy at the bar. If you choose to dine for a full sit-down dinner, don't skip on the pan-seared red snapper and roasted artichoke. The steak frites is another top contender, as is the traditional chicken paprikash.

Rumour by Rácz Jenő

Looking for dinner and a show? Pull up a bright, red bar stool in front of the open kitchen at Rumour and relax with a glass of wine. The restaurant has an intimate, exclusive vibe that makes it a top pick for a romantic, memorable evening in Budapest.

After opening in 2021, Rumour by Rácz Jenő won a Michelin star in 2022, reinforcing the mastery of its menu and ambiance. The plating is artful and the multi-course menu always features fresh Hungarian ingredients, collaborating to create a sensory experience for both your taste buds and eyes.

Laurel Budapest

Laurel Budapest blends Hungarian, French, and Pan-Asian cuisine to curate an unforgettable fine dining experience for travelers and locals alike. The modern approach relies on innovative techniques and plating, while the service remains top-notch yet warm and inviting. Unlike many European cities, Budapest is fairly plant-based-friendly, and in addition to the standard tasting menu, Laurel Budapest also has a vegan option.

Though you'll need to make a reservation before you visit, typical elements of fine dining such as a dress code are not required; guests can instead focus on the food during their experience. In addition to dinner, Laurel Budapest is also open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Rosenstein Vendéglő

The coral red exterior and deep blue door at Rosenstein Vendéglő are absolutely timeless. This family-owned restaurant focuses on Italian cuisine with a Hungarian twist, and the cozy interior with exposed brick walls and antique paintings transports guests to an old-school Tuscan eatery. Enjoy an Aperol spritz while you explore a massive menu that has everything from pasta to vegetarian stews.

The bone marrow with toast is a rich and decadent appetizer, but the homemade Jewish egg spread is a special and unique dish that can be hard to find. For your main course, order the veal cheek confit with a rich, mushroom cream sauce.

Onxy Mühely

When it comes to innovation and creativity, Onxy Mühely is leading the charge. While the traditional restaurant part of Onyx is undergoing a remodel, there is a one-of-a-kind concept in its place at the Onyx Workshop. 

Dining at the Workshop means watching the creation process unfold from a 16-person communal table with a clear view of the chef's workspace. The Workshop makes the experience interactive, relying on guest opinions to put the restaurant in a constant state of improvement and reinvention. Once a dish or recipe is deemed worthy, it is then added to the menu at Onyx Restaurant, which is set to re-open in 2024.

Café Kör

A local gem, Café Kör remains as simple, cozy, and classic as when it first opened in 1995. If you're looking to dine where the locals do, you'll find businessmen here during their lunch hour, along with families of all ages on Saturdays. While the standard menu has plenty of wonderful dishes to try, it's always a good idea to review the specials you'll find hanging on the wall upon walking in.

One of the best things about Café Kör is that the prices are super reasonable; you can easily enjoy Hungarian favorites like chicken paprikash or a huge veal schnitzel for around 15 Euros.

Hungarikum Bisztró

The checkered tablecloths at Hungarikum Bisztró make patrons feel as though they've traveled back in time to a true Hungarian dining room. Everything from the comforting, classic menu to the unwavering hospitality has made Hungarikum Bisztró a consistent favorite among locals.

If you want to enjoy a simple, traditional Hungarian meal without having to make too many decisions, the three-course Hungarian menu is a great pick. Start off with the goulash soup before the main course of crispy duck leg and steamed cabbage rolls out. Finally, the coursed meal ends with a spice-forward cinnamon apple pie and a creamy vanilla sauce.

Borkonyha Winekitchen

The predominantly black and white interior of Borkonyha Winekitchen sets the scene for a timeless, refined six-course tasting. However, if a tasting menu isn't in your budget or you'd simply prefer to create your own meal, Borkonyha Winekitchen also offers a wonderful a la carte menu.

The trout appetizer with cucumber and watercress starts your meal off on a lighter foot, while the pigeon soup is a unique, slightly daunting dish that is worth taking a chance on. Instead of the typical chicken paprikash, Borkonyha Winekitchen serves a veal paprikash that is served with butter dumplings and is balanced by a crisp side salad.


Szimpla is far more than a typical restaurant — it's an entire experience. While Szimpla is technically classified one of Budapest's most popular ruin bars, its lively energy and delicious bites make it beyond worthy of being on this list. Keep in mind that Szimpla is huge, and there are several different areas and vibes to explore within the single establishment. While most people come here to drink, the food is actually pretty solid.

Enjoy everything from freshly-baked goods to Hungarian street food. Szimpla also hosts a Sunday farmer's market, where locals and visitors can pick up fresh fruits, veggies, condiments, and cheeses.

Belvarosi Disznotoros

Belvarosi Disznotoros has two locations in Budapest, both of which are centrally located. If you're in need of a quick and casual meal, it's the place to go. That said, this probably isn't the best place for plant-based diners. Meat is 100% the focus of this locally-loved eatery, and when it comes to classic sausages and bratwurst, it doesn't get much better.

Upon entry, guests are able to order at the counter before snagging a table or taking it to go. The chili-marinated chicken is vibrant and zesty, and it pairs perfectly with the braised red cabbage and steamed rice. Enjoy it with a crisp Pilsner, and live as the locals do.

Stand25 Bisztró

Head to Stand23 Bisztró after taking some panoramic photos of the nearby Chain Bridge. Though the quality of the cuisine matches what you'll find at a standard fine dining restaurant, the ambiance and atmosphere is much more cozy, inviting, and warm. In addition to classic Hungarian offerings like goulash and savory potato casserole, the menu also showcases French bites like duck foie gras and French onion soup.

If you're a fan of seafood, the salmon filet with parmesan risotto is the ideal dish, but the young deer steak is cooked to perfection every time and always yields a rich flavor.

Babel Budapest

Babel Budapest has been providing an upscale twist to Hungarian cuisine since it opened in 2008. However, Babel Budapest truly got put on the map when it received a well-deserved Michelin star in 2019 and then regained said Michelin star in 2022. The tasting menu is a 13-course harmony that entices each of your five senses. Wine lovers should opt in for the curated pairing, while those that prefer to remain booze-free can enjoy the juice pairing.

If you or your guest are vegan, there is a plant-based menu that can be requested at booking. Expect everything from sweetbread schnitzel to venison.


Middle Eastern recipes and flavors shine at Budapest's Dobrumba. If you're looking for a vibrant place great for a big group, Dobrumba is sure to satisfy. Cold plates like the baba ganoush and hummus tahini are perfect for sharing before a night out in Budapest. However, the warm falafel plate is a can't-miss item that has a crispy exterior and delightfully soft interior.

The piri piri chicken is comforting and flavorful, but the beef tagine with dried figs, cardamom, and couscous is a local favorite. Though you might be tempted to order several different dishes, do your best to save room for the goat cheese Basque cheesecake for dessert.