Why It Pays To Pack 2 Coolers To Enjoy Beach Snacks All Day

Summer is no better time to catch some rays and some waves at your local beach or lakefront. Before you head out for some fun in the sun, it's important to prepare by having lots of sunscreen, plenty of water, the best beach snacks, and a good cooler to pack it all in. In fact, to maximize their efficacy, it's even better to have two coolers  — one for your drinks and the snacks you'll want quick access to and the other for your lunch or dinner.

Separating your drinks and snacks from your sandwiches and prepared meals will keep everything cooler longer. Whenever a cooler is opened, precious cold air escapes, and during a beach day where folks are constantly grabbing water or fresh fruit, a cooler can lose its cool pretty quickly. If you're storing perishables like meat or cheese with everything else, your midday meal may become rather unsavory by the time lunch comes around. 

Pack two coolers to keep everything the coolest

Another plus to bringing two coolers is that it makes carrying them a bit more manageable since you can transport two smaller coolers instead of lugging around one big one. For a day at the beach, you'll probably want to find two medium to large coolers made of plastic, as that's typically the best material for keeping things cold all day. 

You could try bringing one large plastic cooler and one smaller cooler made of fabric, but keep in mind that soft-sided coolers often have limited insulation capabilities. For help deciding on the best option, check out our guide to everything you need to know before buying a cooler.

When it comes to days in the sun, preparation is often the difference between success and a sunburnt, hangry, dehydrated drive home. To make the most of your summer outings, be sure to pack two separate coolers so your meals stay fresh, your drinks stay cool, and your snacks are readily accessible. Just don't forget the ice!