The Boozy Must-Have Martha Stewart Suggest For All Small Kitchens

Moving into your first house or apartment is a monumental experience; there are suddenly no rules, and it's up to you to decide what your new home will look like, including the kitchen. Of course, there are some essential items every new kitchen should have, like the necessary cooking tools. The queen of homemaking herself, Martha Stewart, also has some insight on some of the first things people should stock up on in their kitchen, and at the top of that list is a good bar.

In an interview with Town & Country, Stewart says that "It's very important to have the very best gin, vodka, scotch, bourbon, and tequila so you can make really, really good drinks." That way, when friends and family come over to celebrate your new digs, you can properly host them by serving some refreshing mixed drinks and cocktails. Even if you're not much of a mixologist, letting guests have the option of drinks will elevate their experience and make a memorable impression of your new residence.

Keep a well-stocked bar to impress your guests

Keeping the liquor lineup Stewart suggests, will offer you a wide range of possibilities when making drinks, and you can expand your repertoire by including different liqueurs and mixers. If you really want to improve your bartending game, you can also invest in some of the most-used bartending tools. Crafting your own signature house cocktail is an amazing way to get comfortable mixing drinks, and will impress whomever you invite over.

If you're worried about having space for your home bar, you might want to get a bar cart that will go well with the rest of your furnishings. Along with being a convenient way to store everything, a bar cart will also add visual appeal to your space. And don't worry about all the bottles crowding your refrigerator or freezer — with the exception of a few low-proof items, most liquor can be kept at room temperature so long as it stays out of direct sunlight and doesn't get too hot.

Making your new house a home can take some work, but stocking your home bar is an easy and fun way to get a little closer to that goal. After all, Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about creating a homey environment. Just imagine: one day soon, you could be kicking back with a cold custom cocktail you made yourself, in your very own home.