The Frozen Fruit You Should Start Adding To Iced Tea

Iced tea is the perfect summer drink. And if you don't want to rack up spending by buying an iced tea from Starbucks or Coffee Bean, it would be worth looking into some easy recipes for you to make at home. With this in mind, there are plenty of ways to make homemade iced tea more exciting (and naturally sweeter), including adding frozen fruit. In fact, there's one frozen fruit in particular that will really make your iced tea stand out: figs.

One key way that you can mix figs into your recipe is by blending up frozen figs with already-made tea. With this concoction, you're adding sweetness to your beverage, as well as the benefits of the figs, which include good doses of fiber and antioxidants. Above all, the honey-like sweet flavor of the fig will lead to a dynamic-tasting iced tea that is far from your average store-bought version.

There are other ways to incorporate frozen figs into your iced tea

Blending frozen figs into your tea is the perfect way to make sure that the figs' flavor is mixed well into your iced tea. But it's not the only way to incorporate the fruit. You could use the frozen figs in place of ice cubes, so that your iced tea doesn't become watered down; Instead, the flavor of the figs will seep into the iced tea, adding a vibrant flavor. 

Figs also make a great garnish — the bright pink interior of the fig will add some lively color to the look of your iced tea (although you'll be missing out on the majority of its nutritional benefits). And if you want to get even more creative, you could turn to fresh fig syrup, which can also be used to make a bold cocktail, to mix into your iced tea concoction. 

Any of these options are guaranteed to brighten up your iced tea, giving you a refreshing yet unique summer drink. Or, if you'd like to make the most of the figs and their flavor, you can incorporate all three methods.