16 Best Spots For Mashed Potatoes In NYC

The perfect bowl of mashed potatoes means something a little different for everyone. As the ultimate comfort food, many will gravitate towards the same preparation they had as a kid; skin-on, extra creamy, chunky, or loaded with cheese. The soothing dish has endless variations, but there are some core ingredients that give it that velvety, unforgettable bite. They may be the king of side dishes for many, but sometimes a steaming bowl of creamy potatoes is good enough to be dinner's main attraction.

One of New York City's greatest charms is that you can find just about any meal you're craving, whenever the mood strikes. When the mood says mashed potatoes, the city has plenty to offer — likely more than you could even imagine. Some Michelin star bistros feature delicate mashed potatoes as a bed for pot roast, while other pubs serve it as a quick side doused in gravy. Whatever style is desired, NYC has options for every taste. These spots stretch from Manhattan to Queens and can satisfy any mashed potato craving — whatever the season.

Cafe Katja

German cuisine is known for hearty portions of potatoes, bratwurst, and spätzle, whereas its bordering country, Austria, boasts lighter specialties with a Mediterranean influence. Each cuisine has its own delicacies, but they do share a similar affinity for potatoes. Austrian dishes like Schnitzel often get mistaken for German, but Cafe Katja is on a mission to clear things up. The chic LES bistro serves up Austrian food with flair, offering an upscale approach that goes beyond sausage and potatoes. That being said, there are times when going old school is the way to go, and the restaurant does so when it comes to mashed potatoes. They're utterly timeless.

For a simple bite of mashed potatoes to pair with an assortment of fried Austrian fare, the menu offers a side order. However, to elevate the mashed potato experience, opt for the Austrian meatballs, which come alongside perfectly creamy mashed potatoes. Cafe Katja meshes authentic dishes with an American touch, making it a great spot for a novice to start exploring Austrian flavors.

Amber Steakhouse

When craving a generous helping of mashed potatoes, a traditional steakhouse is an obvious choice. New York is spoiled for choice when it comes to steakhouses, with endless options both old-fashioned and modern. Tucked away in Greenpoint is Amber Steakhouse. It's a seemingly underrated gem that you need to check out. Often overshadowed by Peter Luger and nearby Williamsburg joints, it's not as challenging to grab a last-minute reservation for one of the restaurant's tables draped in white cotton. The old-world decor and dim lighting keep it cozy, and the menu matches the aesthetics.

There's something magical about a beautifully cooked steak alongside the conventional accouterments; cream spinach, thick-cut fries, and, of course, mashed potatoes. The most perfect bite can be created at Amber's Steakhouse, starting with a pillowy scoop of mashed potatoes. There is an extensive menu, but a few of the sides could make an entire meal. Just be sure to lead with the succulent mashed potatoes before there's no more stomach room.


Westville may be a city-wide chain, but it deserves a spot on this list without question. The easy-going bistro serves casual American fare across the boroughs and has become a go-to lunch spot thanks to its quick service and superior taste. The marketplace menu allows diners to order an assortment of sides a la carte, with one being the mouthwatering pesto mashed potatoes. They are made with skin-on potatoes, giving each bite a starchy texture that's softened with buttery notes.

For mashed potato lovers who don't color outside the lines, there is a classic option packed with garlic that's equally as delicious, but perhaps not as exciting. The chefs certainly don't skimp on the butter when whipping up their mashed potatoes, but no one is complaining. As fantastic as the standard recipe may be, it's the sweet, nutty flavors of the pesto that make these creamy potatoes a showstopper.


This Polish restaurant is authentic to its core. From the quirky rustic interiors to traditional attire, it hasn't changed in years, and we hope it never does. A homey eatery tucked away in Greenpoint, Karczma serves up traditional Polish cuisine which includes a whole lot of potato. Potato pierogis are often seen as the star of Poland's gastronomy, but that's just a taste, as the spot utilizes potatoes in dozens of ways. When mashed, Polish preparations definitely lean toward the creamier side, and Karczma does it right.

The mashed potatoes have the smoothest consistency imaginable and can be seen plopped on dishes in lieu of sour cream. The best part about curbing a mashed potato craving at Karczma is that the restaurant serves mashed potatoes with almost everything, even soup. The scrumptious white Borscht is served in a bread bowl with an accompanying plate of mashed potatoes topped with sprinkles of crispy bacon.


Practically every corner of the world has its take on mashed potatoes. Italy employs them primarily in gnocchi, but that doesn't mean the Italians haven't managed to master a simple bowl of mashed potatoes. Frank Restaurant, the brainchild of native Queens restauranteur Frank Prisinzano, makes that blatantly clear. The potatoes are buttery, airy, and straight-up mesmerizing. This East Village gem is all about delicious, quality Italian fare served with a friendly face. It encompasses the warm, family feel you can only assume to find tucked away in Italy, right on 2nd Ave. First opening back in 1998, Frank is a little piece of Italy in NYC.

Frank's alluring ambiance pulls hungry patrons in, but it's the food that keeps the tables abuzz. The homestyle menu delivers generous portions of Italian favorites, often served alongside fluffy mashed potatoes. They might often be hiding behind some jumbo meatballs or roasted rosemary chicken, but they're far from the underdog. Luckily, there are sides of exceptional mashed potatoes if that's the main focus of the night.


As if this French Gramercy Park restaurant wasn't fabulous enough, it's practically open all night. Most late-night food options include lots of grease and an unavoidable belly ache in the morning, but not this one. Maybe it's the way the servers weave through the restaurant with ease or the sounds of clinking glasses harmonized with laughter, but there's something truly captivating about L'Express. Waltzing through the doors of the bistro makes all time stand still, which is a nod to both the atmosphere it's created and New York charm.

Frites are typically all the rage in French cuisine, but mashed is just as tasty of an option. Much like all superior French recipes, the mashed potatoes at L'Express lead with butter. They can be enjoyed a la carte, which is an ideal choice for those planning on finding their inner Parisian and grazing for hours on the patio, or alongside a variety of entrées.


This low-key Lower East Side watering hole may not look like much to a clueless passerby, but take a few steps in and you'll quickly see why it's a neighborhood favorite. A lively, youthful energy fills the space with a funky backdrop of curiosities reminiscent of a friend's maximalist living room.

Finding a great bar in NYC is easy, but scouting one out that also has incredible food always feels like a great victory, even in this food-obsessed city. With Forgtmenot's ambiguous flea market aesthetics, figuring out what type of food they serve takes some guesswork. It takes bar food to the next level with unique fusions featuring bold Mediterranean flavors. Forgtmenot makes a mean martini, but the unicorn on the menu is the ever-so-creamy, extra-cheesy, pillow-like mashed potatoes. Adding cheese may be a secret menu hack that's been verbally passed around NYC, but it doesn't take a genius to know that mashed potatoes plus cheese equal pure bliss.


As a classy New York staple, it's no surprise that Pastis makes the cut as a top mashed potato destination. The French bistro is essentially a New York landmark at this point. With frequent celebrity sightings, "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw even said it herself, "There are 10,000 restaurants in New York and everyone's at Pastis." Albeit that was the early 2000s, but the only thing that seems to have changed is the owners.

The restaurant is just as popular as ever, still boasting its traditional French menu, and the flawless mashed potatoes definitely aren't a source of criticism. With two James Beard winners behind the scene – Keith McNally and Stephen Starr – it's no wonder the food lives up to the hype. The mashed potatoes, or Pommes Purée, are a cushion for the Boeuf Bourguignon and routinely find their way onto various special plates. Pastis' recipe is melt-in-your-mouth creamy — a true mashed potato fanatic's dream come true.

Russian Samovar Restaurant and Piano Bar

It's no question that New York's culinary scene is unmatched, but the real beauty of its diverse food culture is that atmosphere comes with the menu. On each corner, there's another local eatery with not just a different cuisine to share, but a story behind it. Russian Samovar is the epitome of that NYC charisma. This Eastern European restaurant is truly like stepping into another world. Hidden on the sidelines of Times Square, Russian Samovar is Russian cuisine meets piano bar.

They prepare traditional Russian specialties amidst a vibrant, crimson dining hall, complete with a stacked vodka bar. If you're lucky, a mustached man will belt out well-known Russian ballads from the restaurant's grand piano. People may come for the pelmeni, but they stay for the mashed potatoes. With so many diverse options, it's tough to declare the all-time best mashed potatoes in the city, but Russian Samovar's might just be the silkiest. They manage to achieve the most velvety texture with an airy bite.

Peter Mcmanus Cafe

Peter McManus Cafe is a classic mom-and-pop style Irish pub. It's the kind of pub where regulars nod to the bartender and beers slide over before customers even have to open their mouths. It's been on the map since 1936 and gained fame for its award-winning burger, but the mashed potatoes are also a reason to visit the pub. They're perfectly creamy, balanced, and smothered in rich gravy. Much like the rest of the menu, a side portion is hardly that. With the ample servings, one order of mashed potatoes (and a few beers) could likely tide you over for a few hours.

That being said, hunkering down at Peter McManus can quickly become an all-day event. With comfy booths and cozy vibes, the sun will go down, and before you know it, you'll be ready for another serving of gravy-drenched mashed potatoes and a Guinness. There's nothing like a judgment-free bar, and Peter McManus Cafe fits the bill. The crowd ranges anywhere from 21 to 85 years old, and they're all laughing at the same jokes in their favorite pub, sitcom-style.


Lucien is known as one of New York's most beloved Italian eateries. If you want that idealistic Parisian vibe, Lucien is the place to be — if you can lock down a table, that is. Antique aperitif bottles stretch across the ceiling line and autographed celebrity photos adorn the wall, only accentuating the bistro's petite size. Lucien rose to fandom after a roll call of celebrities called the cafe their go-to spot, and not just for the hip scene.

As alluring as the ambiance is, the food is just as appealing. The late owner, Lucien Bahaj, grew up in Southern France and brought the flavors of the coast to NYC, developing an exquisite menu that, yes, features a great deal of buttery creamed potatoes. Many of the decadent entrées are served atop pillowy mashed potatoes, making for the perfect textured bite. Having been an East Village fixture since 1998, the family-run restaurant is clearly doing it right.

Pies 'n' Thighs

A stellar Southern joint deserves praise for its mashed potatoes, and Pies 'n' Thighs earns it. This Williamsburg eatery dishes out wholesome Southern food just as it should be — without all the bells and whistles. The spot has all the old favorites, but the fried chicken takes the spotlight. It's understandable, as the crispy battered chicken is top-tier, but it's all about the sides. Comforting dishes like mac and cheese, baked beans, and cheesy grits make up a Southern feast, but it wouldn't be complete without Pies 'n' Thighs buttermilk mashed potatoes. They're extra creamy, thick, and loaded with butter and chives. They go great with just about everything on the menu but are more than enough on their own.

The women-owned eatery has a deep Brooklyn spirit, and New Yorkers love nothing more than pride for their city. What began in a storage closet back in 2006 has grown into a neighborhood favorite and a hotspot for food enthusiasts. Indulging in one of its scrumptious pies is the perfect way to end the meal, provided your stomach is up to it.

Keen's Steakhouse

It would be shameful if only one steakhouse made the list. The city is full of namesakes to enjoy, but Keens Steakhouse is a special one. It's the real deal — pipe room and all — and the restaurant's rich history is all part of the experience. As classic as they come, Keens has hardly changed in decades, and thankfully, no one seems to want it to at all. James Beard notably praised the "legendary" mutton chop in 1950 and the restaurant still serves that exact dish today.

The menu has all the dry-aged steaks imaginable, elaborate towers of seafood, crisp salads, and traditional starters, but, most importantly, the accouterments. Never sleep on the sides. It serves potatoes in all their forms, from fried to boiled, but mashed potatoes are a steakhouse favorite. Keens uses the less starchy Yukon gold potato to create smooth, velvety mashed potatoes.

Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner is one of Ridgewood's most adored drinking dens. It's untouched by the fuss — and by this century. The same corner building that stands today was slinging beers in the early 1900s, so when they say it's a "Ridgewood Queens institution," it means it. While dozens of fantastic cafes and bars have popped up around Ridgewood with its growing popularity, Cozy Corner still reigns supreme. As a proud local standby, Cozy Corner gives the people what they want.

The menu consists of all the dreamy bar food one could wish for, making it a feel-good haven. Mashed potatoes may not be a go-to bar snack, but this Ridgewood pub knows how to whip up elevated entrées, too. If you go to this joint on a mashed potato night, ask for extra. They're the classic, home-cooked style bursting with nostalgia. There's a chance the super comfy atmosphere and welcoming energy make them taste better, which is everything you could ever want in a bar.

Schnitzel Haus

Schnitzel Haus is a bit of a trek from the more bustling Brooklyn neighborhoods, but that's probably how it's managed to stay affordable and maintain its authenticity. This kitschy spot hiding away in Bay Ridge almost feels like a non-stop festival honoring German culture. There is a sense of celebration from the moment you step through the door, making it nearly impossible to hold back a smile. The warm, wooden interiors are perfectly suited for the comforting dishes served, especially mashed potatoes.

A trip to Schnitzel Haus may involve some distance, but one thing is for sure — you won't leave hungry. The chefs prepare traditional German food, authentic in both flavor and portions. An order of mashed potatoes and a sausage doesn't even comfortably fit on one plate, and that would typically just be a starter. The menu has so much to offer, but no German meal would be complete without a scoop of rich, hearty mashed potatoes.


While going to Veselka pretty much guarantees waiting in a long line, it's proven to be well worth it. The Ukrainian restaurant has been around since 1954 and is constantly honored as a top dining destination in New York City. Described as Ukrainian soul food, Veselka provides the East Village with freshly made pierogi, goulash, blintzes, and other Eastern European favorites. But, of course, no meal would be complete without iconic mashed potatoes, and Veselka delivers.

The rich potatoes are served alongside several of the classic plates, like veal goulash and chicken schnitzel, otherwise, getting a side order would be wise. The restaurant keeps it remarkably simple with its mashed potatoes, and that's not a bad thing. The traditional recipe is filling yet still melts in your mouth. As tasty as a basic bowl of mashed potatoes is, drizzling some of Veselka's mushroom gravy over them is the secret that takes it above and beyond.