The Salad Mistake That Can Be Solved With A Bigger Bowl

There was a time when folks thought dry, flavorless salads were the epitome of healthy eating, but luckily for us things are changing. The days of sad, wimpy salads consisting of nothing but iceberg lettuce and raw cherry tomatoes are over; thankfully, robust, filling, delicious salads now reign supreme. And for a big salad, you need a big bowl. Extra large bowls are not just a trend from salad restaurants like Sweetgreen and Chopt — they also serve an important purpose in properly preparing your salad.

With a large vessel, you can easily combine everything so that all your ingredients are evenly distributed and no component goes without dressing. If you've ever made a salad at home, you know that things can get messy when it comes time to toss everything together. Croutons get everywhere, chunks of chicken go flying, and the dressing you picked to perfectly pair with your greens doesn't get mixed in all the way — some leaves are drenched in the stuff while others are completely dry. That's where a bigger bowl comes in! A large bowl can solve those problems by giving you ample room to prepare your salad like the professionals.

A bigger bowl makes tossing salads a cinch

When searching for your colossal container, make sure you find one with high walls so none of your fixings spill out. A simple clear or metal mixing bowl will do, but you could always splurge on a larger serving bowl instead. It'll give your salad the space it needs, and we won't tell anyone if you use it as your personal salad receptacle instead of for its intended purpose.

Once you find a deep, round bowl for your salad, there are a few more tips you can employ to make sure your salad ingredients are nicely incorporated. One technique involves coating the interior of your bowl with your preferred salad dressing before mixing everything else in. This way, every leaf and vegetable gets a nice coating of dressing. Also, ditch the tongs and use clean hands to toss your salad instead so that none of your ingredients get damaged.

Now that you have the right tools and a few simple tricks to toss your salad without leaving a mess, try out some of our best salad recipes to break in your new bowl. So pack in all the leafy greens and colorful vegetables you can, and remember when it comes to salads, bigger is better.