Trump Failed To Deliver Promised 'Food For Everyone' At Popular Miami Restaurant

Following his federal arraignment on charges of the mishandling of classified documents, former President Donald Trump stopped by popular eatery Versailles in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Diners at the Cuban cuisine hotspot sang "Happy Birthday" to the one-time Commander in Chief who turned 77 on June 14 before he sat down with Cuban-American religious leaders who prayed over the GOP frontrunner. Trump also made a promise to the throng of diners that is seemingly characteristic of the grandiose real estate developer and reality TV personality: "Food for everyone!"

The follow-through was also seemingly characteristic of the former President, who has been accused of making misleading statements and failing to honor promises. After his 10-minute stay at the restaurant, where he met with MMA Jorge Masvidal and other religious leaders, Trump left without purchasing a single item nor paying for the tabs of any patrons. According to The New York Times, upon leaving the restaurant, which features classic Cuban dishes like croquettes and ropa vieja, Trump swung by McDonald's before flying back to his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club.

Presidential tastes

For their part, Trump's team is claiming that his promise wasn't an empty one. A representative for Trump said that the offer was real, but that supporters missed their opportunity when they opted to follow him outside rather than place orders. They further claim that a Trump advance team was on-hand to pay for any to-go orders made, though it is unclear if they did so. And as for the Miami restaurant's response, it seems no one was fully aware of this promise or if Trump paid for any food, per Newsweek.

Stories about U.S. Presidents and their preferences on what to eat are not uncommon. From George H.W. Bush's famous loathing for broccoli to his predecessor Ronald Reagan's love of jelly beans, the humanizing element of food and eating may help us connect with what is roundly considered the most powerful figure in the world. Trump has had his fair share — he reportedly sins against beef by eating his steaks well-done and is not shy about his love for a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish, even if he does erroneously call it a "Fish Delight."