What Restaurants May Be Hiding In Fried Fish Sandwiches

Whether you prefer to chow down on a fancy, handcrafted sandwich made with premium Alaskan halibut and an artisanal bun, or opt for a classic McDonald's Filet-O-Fish, a fried fish sandwich will always complement a summer day. Add a squeeze of lemon, some tartar sauce, and a cold beer, and you'll be in seafood heaven. However, as good as fried fish sandwiches are, you should be wary when ordering them. There's a chance that hidden under all that fried goodness is something a lot less appetizing.

In an interview with Insider, chef and co-owner at New York City's Mayhem Beer & Sandwiches, Jay Brown, said, "I recommend avoiding fried fish sandwiches. Unless you are at the beach, a restaurant that serves one is almost certainly trying to hide old fish in beer batter." It's usually easy to identify bad fish based on its slimy texture and pungent, overly-fishy smell. But when old fish is covered in breadcrumbs and seasoning, it makes it much easier for it to fly under the radar, and you may not realize it's bad until it's too late.

Fried fish sandwiches may cover the taste of bad fish

Eating really bad fish, as in fish that hasn't been stored properly or has been in the refrigerator or freezer for too long, can give you food poisoning and make you really sick. While you hopefully won't be visiting any restaurants that serve fish that is super low in quality, it helps to be cautious, especially if you're eating somewhere with a less-than-stellar health inspection rating.

If you want to enjoy a fish sandwich without the risk of ingesting bad seafood, Jay Brown says to go for a grilled option. "When you make a grilled fish sandwich, it's obvious if the fish is old or overcooked," says Brown. "If the restaurant has the gusto to offer this, they are at least somewhat capable of cooking fish well."

Of course, if you want a fried fish sandwich that's guaranteed to satisfy you, you should check out some of the best seafood restaurants in America. Otherwise, try to look up online reviews before you order fried fish at your local pub or restaurant to make sure you'll be happy with your meal. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere known for high-quality seafood, you may not always have to worry about this issue. For the rest of us, it pays to avoid getting a sandwich whose origins are a bit too fishy.