The Perfect Bread Match For Crispy, Fluffy Tuna Melts

Had a bad day and craving a comfortingly gooey tuna melt? Then put down that fancy sourdough because the perfect bread match for the crispiest tuna melt in town is the humble English muffin. In the words of Shakespeare, "Though she be but little, she is fierce."

Gorgeously fluffy in the centre, the airy crumb of this reliable pantry staple pairs beautifully with melted cheese and yielding tuna salad. Plus, they make the best individual-sized snack for when the day has been long and the kids have formed an alliance to shun the beef casserole that's been bubbling in the Instant Pot all day.

What's more, English muffins are the ultimate in terms convenience and don't break the bank. And with wholegrain varieties available, they're great for the gut. When you want cozy comfort, opt for the familiarity of this good ol' champion and build a tuna melt that tickles every taste bud.

So, what's so special about English muffins?

Unlike other English faves — such as Harry Styles and Mick Jagger — an English muffin isn't very showy. And this is exactly what you want when preparing the perfect tuna melt — an unassuming vehicle for an array of flavorful tuna salad ingredients, like piquant dill pickles, mildly-bitter celery, or spicy shallots.

The tangy notes in a slice of sourdough can compete with the saltiness of capers or pickles, and the closer texture of a rye bread makes for a bite that's simply too dense to chew for some. The English muffin, on the other hand, hangs back and allows a tuna topping to sing and its accompanying blanket of melted cheese to soothe a weary soul.

Better yet, the nooks and crannies on the surface of a split and toasted English muffin are perfect for catching the aforementioned melted cheese, without losing its delicious crispness.

Simple ways to turn your English muffin tuna melt up a notch

If you're looking to upgrade your newfound tuna melt and English muffin combo, try spreading a thin layer of mayonnaise on the bottom of your muffins before placing them in a hot pan to create an extra crispy, salty base. For an open faced melt, the trick is to put a lid on the pan to allow the cheese to melt first. Then, remove the lid for the last minute or so to give the base of the muffins time to crisp up. You can skip this step if you're making a closed-style melt and simply flip it over to guarantee optimum crunchiness on both sides.

If you're broiling your tuna melt, be sure to toast it first before heaping on the topping. This will create the perfect strata of crunchy bread, soft filling, and bubbling cheese. Why not finish with a little attitude? Sprinkle over a touch of bagel seasoning, savory furikake, or crunchy sesame seeds for an English muffin tuna melt with a twist.