The Best Type Of Onion To Serve Raw On Burgers

When it comes to burgers, the perfect combination of flavors and textures is what sets an ordinary burger apart from an extraordinary one. And one ingredient that can add a delightful punch to your burger is none other than the humble onion. 

When caramelized, onions certainly hold a vaunted place in burger tradition, but raw onions provide a crisp, refreshing bite element that adds depth and complexity to each meaty mouthful. While there are various types of onions to choose from, sweet onions emerge as the clear winner, bringing a pleasant bite that perfectly complements the savory elements of your patty, the tanginess of the condiments, and the softness of the bun. 

Sweet onions, as the name suggests, are a unique breed of onions that possess a natural sweetness and reduced pungency. These onions are distinct from their sharper relatives, such as yellow onions or red onions, due to their lower sulfur content, resulting in a milder flavor that doesn't overpower other ingredients.

A sweet onion makes a sweet complement

One popular variety of sweet onion is the Vidalia onion. Often grown in the fertile soil of Georgia, Vidalias are known for their exceptionally mild taste and high sugar content. Their flavor is so delectably sweet that some consider them to be similar to the "candy" of onions. Another delightful variety is the Maui onion, which boasts a gentle and subtle sweet taste for a refreshing burger topping. These onions thrive in the volcanic soil of Hawaii, developing a unique flavor and crisp texture. 

Hailing from Washington State by way of Italy, Walla Walla onions are renowned for their saccharine taste and are often used as a raw ingredient in dishes. Their tender flesh and light flavor make them an excellent choice for those who prefer a slight onion presence on their burger. Texas super sweet onions are, as the name suggests, typically cultivated in the Lone Star State, though they originally come from Bermuda. With a very mild undertone, these super sweet onions are not just great raw on burgers but can be diced into salads or eaten all on their own.