Every Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer, Ranked

We recently had the chance to sample the coffee creamer offerings from Laird, and our experience was an exciting journey through an array of tantalizing tastes. While we were delighted to discover a multitude of delightful options to fuel our bodies, we did encounter our share of personal preferences. Among the standout features of its offerings was the superfood range, particularly those that included adaptogens. A consistent element that surfaced across all products was a noticeable aftertaste. Admittedly, at first, this unfamiliar flavor caught us slightly off-guard. However, as we continued our exploration, our palate grew accustomed to it. In fact, it became something of an acquired taste over time. If you happen to experience a similar initial reaction, hang in there; your taste buds are likely to acclimate.

It's worth noting, though, that the coffee creamers and lattes from Laird Superfood distinguish themselves from those found in your typical coffee shop. The unique flavor profiles set them apart. Yet, we found this deviation from the norm intriguing rather than off-putting. After all, exploring new flavors and avenues to nourish our bodies is always an exciting venture. These are the brand's coffee creamers, ranked from worst to best.

11. Turmeric Superfood Creamer

One of the first attributes to grab your attention about the Turmeric Superfood Creamer is its vibrant color. The product flaunts an eye-catching, bright orange-yellow hue reminiscent of mustard that is hard to miss. A sniff reveals the distinctive, slightly pungent aroma of dried turmeric wafting from the powder. The ingredient list is refreshingly simple: coconut milk powder, coconut sugar, and turmeric powder.

Upon mixing it with your coffee, you'll observe a notable change in the beverage's flavor profile, courtesy of the creamer. Fans of golden lattes will likely find this creamer particularly appealing. While we understand the charm of a turmeric latte, it wasn't precisely our cup of tea, if you will.

Taste-wise, there was a subtle spiciness that we attributed to the turmeric. We also had mixed feelings about the color transformation our coffee underwent. While the mustard-yellow might be aesthetically pleasing in photos, its impact on our coffee was less enchanting. An unforeseen outcome was the staining of our white mug. So, take heed to choose your coffee vessel wisely when using this creamer. If your palate sways towards the sweeter end of the spectrum, this creamer might not hit the spot. However, its taste can be potentially tweaked with the addition of your preferred sweeteners, rendering it more appealing to your unique taste buds.

10. Sweet & Creamy Instant Latte

The allure of an instant latte with its uncomplicated preparation, is undeniable, and while instant coffee has been around for a while, these are a whole new concept. With Laird's instant latte, all you need to do is mix it with hot water, give it a few moments under a quality frother, and voila: You have a hot, ready-to-savor beverage. We applaud Laird for providing a no-fuss instant latte solution perfect for on-the-go situations, and the convenient five-pack of single-serve pouches further enhances its portability. Nevertheless, we found the consistency of this latte to be slightly lacking and unexpectedly watery; we usually prefer our lattes to have a more substantial, richer texture.

As with other offerings in the Laird Superfood line, this product, too, has a somewhat distinctive aftertaste. This flavor profile appears to be a common thread throughout many of Laird's coffee-based products. But this unique aftertaste can become more palatable over time or simply requires a period of adjustment for your taste buds. On another note, we yearned for a more robust coffee flavor from this instant latte. While it's marketed as a ready-to-enjoy product with just the addition of hot water, we found ourselves wanting to enhance it. For regular enjoyment, we would probably add a touch more coffee and perhaps a sprinkle of sugar to bring it more in line with our preferences. This might tip the scales, transforming this convenient instant latte into a go-to option for our daily routine.

9. Mocha Instant Latte

The Mocha Instant Latte, much like the Turmeric Instant Latte, possesses a remarkably robust aroma that instantly evokes the essence of chocolatey mocha coffee and, therefore, delivers on the promise of a mocha experience. In comparison to the Sweet and Creamy Instant Latte, we found that this mocha version offers a noticeably stronger coffee flavor, which was a delightful surprise.

However, we must admit that the flavor profile behind the mocha in this instant latte left us with mixed feelings. While the fragrance was inviting, it fell a bit short of our expectations upon tasting. As soon as it touched our palate, it left us yearning for a little more. Behind the dominant mocha flavor, there lingered an unusual aftertaste that, rather than being concealed, seemed to be amplified by the mocha itself. This interplay of flavors added complexity, but it also left us desiring a more harmonious blend.

Despite this, we genuinely enjoyed the delightful aroma of this mocha instant latte. If you can overlook the strong aftertaste and the intense mocha flavoring that deviates slightly from the norm, it has the potential to become a go-to choice for a morning mocha coffee. Similar to the Sweet and Creamy Instant Latte, it remains incredibly convenient for on-the-go consumption, easily mixed with hot water when needed.

8. Reduced Sugar Instant Latte

While we generally prefer our coffees to have a touch of sweetness, there are instances when individuals opt to limit their sugar intake. During such times, finding the right balance between flavor, caffeine, and nutritional quality can be a challenge. Laird addresses this by offering a reduced sugar latte that aims to provide a less sweet alternative to the original Sweet and Creamy version, significantly reducing the sugar content. However, we observed that this particular option lacked sugariness entirely rather than simply having a little less. Additionally, its consistency appeared slightly thinner. Adding a hint of honeyed flavor, although contradicting the latte's intended purpose, would have enhanced our enjoyment.

On a positive note, this instant latte had significantly less aftertaste compared to its counterparts. However, this reduction in aftertaste also resulted in a diminished overall flavor profile. We believe that incorporating it into a cup of coffee rather than using it as a creamer would be an excellent way to promote bodily health and benefit from its nutritious ingredients. To enhance the flavor, we suggest thickening it up with additional milk of your choice and perhaps adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or even honey. Utilizing a frother while preparing the latte would allow you to incorporate these ingredients and bring the flavors to life seamlessly.

7. Reduced Sugar Superfood Creamer

If you're already in love with your coffee and simply looking for a creamer to complement it without adding excessive sugar to your diet, the Reduced Sugar SuperFood creamer might be the ideal choice. It offers all the benefits of Laird's superfood creamer line without the addition of coconut sugar. Laird's coffee products stand out due to their incorporation of fantastic superfoods, making them truly enjoyable. However, if regular creamer tends to be overly sweet for your taste, the reduced sugar version could be the perfect addition to your coffee routine. With a significantly reduced sugar content, this creamer primarily consists of coconut milk powder. While it may seem simple, increasing the recommended serving size of one tablespoon resulted in a more pronounced flavor for us. In fact, doubling the amount of creamer worked well to enhance the taste.

A notable advantage of this reduced sugar creamer is its lack of any lingering aftertaste that can sometimes come from some of the Laird ingredients. If you found the flavors of other superfood creamers from Laird to be overpowering, this option may be exactly what you need. We also appreciated how seamlessly this creamer blended into our coffee, producing a smooth and frothy texture that enhanced the overall coffee experience.

6. Instafuel Chai

There's plenty you need to know about chai, and we appreciate its many health benefits and even the way it helps your body digest dairy. There are many different types of chai out there, and when it comes to enjoying chai, combining it with superfoods can create an exceptional experience. Laird offers an instant latte that blends chai with its superfood creamer, providing a unique twist. While we generally appreciate chai that offers a captivating flavor profile, we found this particular blend to be a tad too spicy for our liking.

To achieve a smoother taste, we believe it could benefit from a touch more sweetener and even your choice of milk. Adding honey would be our preferred choice to balance out the spiciness. While this blend mixes well with hot water, we noticed that it requires a bit more time to integrate fully. If not adequately frothed, you might encounter some grainy residue at the bottom of your cup. However, we must mention that the delicate powder texture impressed us, as it was less prone to clumping compared to other Laird powders. It's worth noting that the measurement requirement for this chai latte differs from the other variants, as it calls for 3½ tablespoons, while the other lattes require a ¼ cup.

5. Vanilla Superfood Creamer

Having tied the offering from the latte and creamer line, in general, our preference leans towards the Laird Superfood creamers over the instant lattes due to their compatibility with our beloved coffee. A lot of this has to do with the fact that we love brewing our own coffee, so instant lattes aren't something we typically gravitate toward. Among the flavored options of creamers, this particular creamer ranked as our least favorite, although we still found it pleasant. As soon as we opened the package, a comforting and gentle vanilla aroma enveloped our senses, even if the vanilla flavor itself was somewhat subtle.

When it comes to the texture, we believe this creamer could benefit from a touch more creaminess when mixed into coffee. While it imparted a nice vanilla essence, the creaminess aspect was lacking. Similar to other creamers in the lineup, the recommended serving size of one tablespoon might benefit from a slight increase. Additionally, although the creamer contains coconut sugar, it doesn't possess an overly sweet taste. Depending on your personal preference, you might consider adding more flavor to your cup. Cinnamon or honey would complement the vanilla profile excellently, or if you prefer a plant-based option, stevia could be a suitable alternative.

4. Mocha Superfood Creamer

When it comes to mocha coffee, many people desire a chocolatey beverage with a touch of sweetness. On the chocolatey front, Laird Superfoods' Mocha Superfood Creamer unquestionably delivers. As soon as you open the bag, you'll immediately notice its rich aroma, reminiscent of the delightful Clevr Sleeptime SuperLatte that we've come to enjoy. To enhance the sweetness, we like to add a drizzle of honey, as that is the only element this mocha creamer seems to lack.

In terms of ingredients, it starts with a base of coconut milk powder, similar to other creamers in the lineup, and includes coconut sugar and cacao powder. The end result is a mocha creamer that leans more towards a dark chocolate flavor profile rather than a milk chocolate one. If you prefer your chocolate coffee to have a milder milk chocolate taste, this may not be your favorite choice. However, if you appreciate the boldness of strong cacao chocolate bars, the Laird Superfoods Mocha Creamer will undoubtedly become a go-to option for you.

3. Sweet & Creamy Superfood Creamer

The Sweet and Creamy Superfood Creamer from Laird incorporates both coconut milk powder and coconut sugar, serving as a creamer and natural sweetener for your coffee. We found that it seamlessly blended into our coffee, creating a smooth and frothy texture. However, we personally felt that it didn't possess the level of flavor we desired. While it provided a pleasant taste and creamy consistency, we have a preference for creamers with a slightly more pronounced sugary taste, but those wanting a balance may really appreciate the offering this Laird creamer provides.

Nonetheless, we were thoroughly impressed by the velvety and smooth texture this creamer offered. If you appreciate your coffee's robust flavor profile and want to enhance it without overpowering it, this creamer excels in that regard. Since it primarily imparts a delightful coconut essence, you can expect a distinct coconut flavor but not like a coconut syrup flavor; it's more of a naturally tasting coconut. If you're not particularly fond of this type of flavor, this creamer might not be as appealing to your palate. However, for coconut enthusiasts like us, this characteristic is a significant advantage.

2. Peppermint Mocha Superfood Creamer

During the winter holiday season, amongst all the treats and seasonal offerings, one of our favorite indulgences from Starbucks is a peppermint mocha. While traditionally associated with Christmas trees and snowy landscapes, there are moments throughout the year when the allure of a peppermint mocha becomes irresistible. That's why we are thrilled that Laird offers a peppermint mocha superfood creamer, and we must say, it surpasses expectations.

Upon blending this creamer into your coffee, the first thing that captivates your senses is the unmistakable scent of peppermint. The powder exudes a strong peppermint fragrance, which is perfect for those who adore all things peppermint. We did notice a slight presence of the peculiar aftertaste that was present in some of the other products, but the peppermint flavor effectively conceals it. However, we found the peppermint to be a little overpowering, and we believe a touch more mocha would strike a better balance. Therefore, if you happen to have both the mocha creamer and the peppermint mocha creamer, we recommend blending half a tablespoon of each to create a perfectly harmonized peppermint mocha coffee. However, even if you only have the Peppermint Superfood Creamer on hand, you'll still find this one quite delightful.

1. Matcha Instant Latte

Among the array of Laird Superfood creamers, our absolute favorite offering is the Matcha Instant Latte. This latte combines the delightful flavors of matcha with the sweetened creamy creamer, creating a harmonious blend. Similar to the chai latte, all you need to do is add hot water to prepare it for savoring.

Considering the unique nature of some of Laird's a little more unconventional products, we anticipated that the matcha latte might possess a distinct character as well. However, we are delighted to report that the matcha latte truly lives up to the expectations we had for our matcha latte. It closely resembles the matcha drinks you might enjoy from your local Starbucks. The remarkable aspect of these matcha lattes is that they come infused with the beneficial properties of the mushroom blends that Laird specializes in. While we thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and were impressed by its smoothness and pleasant sugar taste, we did detect a mild aftertaste, which can be attributed to the presence of adaptogens.

Despite the minor aftertaste, the matcha latte offers a delightful matcha, coupled with the added benefits of the mushroom blends. Whether you are a matcha enthusiast or simply seeking a nourishing and flavorful alternative to traditional coffee, the matcha instant latte is a great choice. If the matcha flavor is a little too strong for you, we recommend frothing it with a little extra coconut milk for an irresistible balance.