The Absolute Best Pizza In San Francisco, Ranked

Pizza is perhaps one of the most universally-loved dishes in existence. However, not all pizza is made equal. Though pizza originated in Italy, several different countries and cities have since put their own spin on the iconic dish. From thin and traditional Neapolitan-style pies to unique deep dish pizza that packs on the sauce and cheese, there are plenty of different styles and preferences. Considering that San Francisco is one of the biggest culinary destinations in the United States, it's no surprise that it is home to some amazing pizza.

Whether you're in need of a quick slice on the go or are looking for a laid-back eatery to post up at for dinner, San Francisco has it all. That said, if you're looking to experience the best of the best, there are several spots that should be at the top of your list. Thankfully, we've rounded up the absolute best places for pizza in San Francisco.

15. Little Star Pizza

With two locations across the city, Little Star Pizza offers delivery, dine-in, and take-out for locals and visitors alike in the Mission District and Alamo Square. Quality sourcing is a big priority at Little Star, and the restaurant does its best to avoid any and all overly-process or GMO ingredients. While there are plenty of classic staples to choose from, it's always worth checking out the seasonal special. During the spring, Little Star Pizza is serving up a spicy broccoli and sausage pizza that is topped with garlic-infused olive oil, fennel sausage, and hot Calabrian peppers.

When it comes to the main menu, start off with the burrata and garlic crostini or the ground beef and pork meatballs. If you want something a bit lighter, the roasted cauliflower is a zesty and flavorful appetizer. The Detroit-style breadsticks with dipping sauces like marinara ranch are also great for groups. Of course, pizza is the star of the show, and guests can choose between deep-dish, Detroit-style, and thin-crust pizzas.

14. Shuggie's

Caught a craving for great pizza and natural wine? Shuggie'sPizza is a modern and trendy spot that specializes in square thin-crust pizzas that can be topped with more elevated ingredients like anchovies, burrata, ricotta fluff, chili, and honey. The special dough is made with whey, which is a by-product of the cheese that is made for the pies. However, you can also request that your pizza be made with vegan dough that is made from milled oat flour.

The menu currently features three different pizza options, including a classic pepperoni, a cheesy cheddar and feta pie, and a meaty sausage pizza that is topped with guanciale and an upcycled whey vodka sauce. Since upcycled ingredients are used whenever possible, patrons can feel good about the sustainable nature of Shugie's as they take their tastebuds on a delicious ride. In addition to natural wines, you can also order beer, sake, and spritzes.

13. Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina has four different locations in the Mission District, Pacific Heights, Palo Alto, and Burlingame. Even if you're not a San Francisco local, you can have Pizzeria Delfina shipped to you via Goldbelly, nationwide. The Neapoltian-style pizza is inspired by the real deal that you'll find in Naples, bringing the taste of Italy straight to the city. Since it is a family-owned business, quality ingredients, service, and consistency are all top priorities.

If you're not feeling like dining in, Pizzeria Delfina can also be delivered locally straight to your door via Doordash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub. The antipasti section of the menu features classic bites like citrus-marinated olives and a refreshing radicchio salad. The pizzas are split up into red pies and white pies, and there are plenty of options for every kind of palate and preference. The carbonara pizza is a true and tried winner, and there is even a vegan pizza for plant-based diners.

12. Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Owned by a World Pizza Champion, Tony Gemignani, Tony's Pizza Napoletana is another hotspot for Neapolitan-style pizza in San Francisco. One of the most important things about Tony's Pizza is the fact that all of the ingredients used are imported from Naples. The use of authentic produce and flour from the place where pizza was born helps to set Tony's Pizza Napoletana apart from the competition. In addition to the pizza pies, the wine list is another eye-catcher that features both imported and domestic vintages.

Start off with the deep-fried green beans. Though these might not seem like a typical appetizer at a pizza joint, they are crisped to perfection and full of flavor. If you're not feeling like fried food, the blue gem salad with dates is a more refreshing and light starter. Each of the classic Italian-style pizzas is 18 inches, while the New York-style pies are 20 inches. The menu also features a handful of gluten-free options along with house-made pasta and beloved entrées like chicken parmigiana.

11. Ragazza

Looking for a laid-back yet cozy neighborhood spot? Ragazza uses a wood-fired oven to cook its Neopalitan-style pizzas to perfection. The thin crust is puffy and crisp on the edges, and the quality toppings are always fresh. If you're not in the mood for marinara, opt for the Bianca pizza, which is topped with an onion crema, freshly shaved garlic, zesty preserved lemon, provolone, and a refreshing sprinkle of arugula. The hot honey pepperoni is another pie loved by locals, and it's finished off with the popular Mike's Hot Honey.

While each pizza is crafted with innovation and balance in mind, you can also add a variety of toppings such as Calabrian chiles, anchovies, organic eggs, or even pancetta. You can also modify any pizza to be made with gluten-free crust for an extra $4. In addition to pizza, Ragazza also serves house-made ricotta cavatelli, along with appetizers like fried arancini and roasted baby carrots.

10. Montesacro

With two locations in San Francisco, one in nearby Walnut Creek, and one in Brooklyn, Motesacro has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike with its Roman pinsas. Whether you're in the Marina or is SoMa, Montesacro can be found in both of these neighborhoods. Though the cooking methods revolve around Roman tradition with a modern twist, most of the ingredients used are sourced locally and sustainably. This is definitely a slightly more upscale spot that is great for dates or outings with friends. While the pinsas are unbelievably delicious, they aren't identical to what you'll get in Rome, landing this spot in the middle of our rankings (but they're still pretty dang delicious). 

Start off with the warm octopus and the roasted cauliflower before moving on to the main course. All of the flours used to make the pinsas are GMO-free, and there are 14 different pinsas to choose from. That said, the signature Montesacro pinsa is a must-order. The combination of rosemary potato, artichoke, lamb sausage, buffalo mozzarella, and chili simply can't be beaten. If you're vegetarian, the Margherita and San Lorenzo are both wonderful options.

9. Sabrosa Pizza

Sabrosa Pizza is the definition of a neighborhood joint and has become a beloved part of the local community. Forget fancy pizzas and deconstructed ideas — Sabrosa Pizza keeps things simple and classic and stands by the notion of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." Start your meal off with classic pizza joint appetizers like mozzarella sticks, fried chicken wings, and even onion rings. In addition to the house specialty pizzas, Saborsa Pizza also offers a few different salads and one oven-roasted chicken entrée, in case that is of interest to you.

However, whether you prefer white sauce or red sauce, the pies at Sabrosa will remind you exactly why you love pizza so much in the first place. Even the simple cheese pizza manages to hit the spot with its consistent execution and simplicity. If you want something a bit more complex, go for the white sauce pizza that is topped with chicken, bacon, tomato, and provolone cheese. That said, if you're looking for something a bit more elevated, Sabrosa Pizza isn't the best option for you.

8. PizzaHacker

PizzaHacker has one location in San Francisco on Mission Street, and another location just north of San Francisco in Mill Valley. Both are incredibly popular and get super busy throughout the week, but there are tons of seating options are both locations, ensuring that wait times don't get too ridiculous. Considering PizzaHacker runs on a no-reservation system, this is a plus. Having originally started off as a food truck, PizzaHacker has come a long way and specializes in Neapolitan pizzas that range from traditional classics to one-of-a-kind creations. However, PizzaHacker also serves thicker "squares" for those that prefer a fluffier mouthful.

The Summer Fave pizza with house-stretched mozzarella and Sungold tomatoes is a true treat, but the Rocket Man is a zesty favorite topped with arugula, garlic, lemon juice, and a soft Vital Farms egg that is perfect for dipping. If you like a sweet, savory, and spicy action, the Forbidden Fruit (Hawaiian pizza) has everything you want, plus a little cilantro for extra flavoring.

7. Pizzetta211

Pizzetta211 is a Richmond District eatery that serves innovative pizzas in a cozy and warm space. If you can, snag a bistro table outside and enjoy some people-watching as you indulge in one of the bi-weekly specials. The menu changes regularly, so if you fall in love with one of the specialty pies, be prepared to lose it within two weeks (this disappointment did contribute to why it's not ranked as high as it could be). That said, the options are constantly evolving and changing for the better, so you're always sure to find something that cures your craving. Plus, some of the pizzas like tomato, mozzarella, and basil are always available.

Pizzetta211 is also known for whipping up a refreshing and satisfying salad, and the field greens salad that is tossed in a light balsamic vinaigrette never gets old. You can also start with some mixed olives for simple snacking before digging into the pizzas. Finally, if you've saved room for dessert, the house-made flourless chocolate cake is well worth ordering.

6. Golden Boy Pizza

Located in North Beach, Golden Boy Pizza is open seven days a week starting at 11:30 a.m. and has become a consistent go-to for locals. In addition to the San Francisco location, there is also a Golden Boy Pizza in San Mateo. Having been around since 1978, it's safe to say that Golden Boy Pizza is a pretty legendary eatery in the city. The pizzas can be enjoyed by the slice or by the pan. A simple slice of cheese pizza starts at $3.50, while the clam and garlic slice goes for $4.50.

When it comes to pan pizzas, a small cheese is sold for $12, and a large pesto veggie costs $28.75. You can also build your own pizza with all of your favorite toppings for a starting price of $22.50. The prices are pretty fair for the quality, and the focaccia foundation is perfectly puffy and airy in each bite.

5. DAMNFiNE Pizza

With a name like DAMNFiNE Pizza, you should know what to expect. The simple and somewhat industrial space sets the scene for an evening of elevated pies and tasty appetizers. The warm olives are a must-order for the table, as are the wood-fired baby zucchini. Though pizza is certainly the main focus at DAMNFiNE, the menu also features a couple of wonderful pasta options, like the Manila clam fettuccine.

That said, if you want a pizza to match your pasta, order the zesty clam pizza. Another pizza highlight includes the Life's A Peach pizza, which is topped with peaches, prosciutto, a variety of cheeses and herbs, and finished with a drizzle of honey. These innovative pies show exactly why DAMNFiNE Pizza deserves to be in our top five. If you're a fan of fungi, the Mushroom Dream with garlic butter is, really, a dream come true. Need to quench your thirst? DAMNFiNE Pizza has plenty of cocktails to choose from, but the guava-forward Islands & Avenues is a refreshing favorite.

4. Pie Punks

Pie Punks is a SoMa staple that serves Detroit-style, Grandma, and round pizzas, along with refreshing and tropical tiki drinks. Despite serving three different styles, Pie Punks has managed to master all three, proving just how talented the team is. The atmosphere is casual yet inviting, and since there are three different styles of pizza served, nearly every preference is catered to. When it comes to the Detroit-style pies, you can't go wrong with the classic. Each Detroit-style pizza is topped with Wisconsin brick cheese in traditional fashion, but the Waikiki sneaky Detroit with spam and pineapple is a unique creation that is worth checking out.

If you're not hungry enough for a whole pizza, Pie Punks does sell a handful of options by the slice. However, if you always stick with round pies, you'll love the thin yet fluffy crust that Pie Punks has mastered. In addition to tiki-inspired cocktails like the Henny Colada, Pie Punks also sells a solid selection of natural wines by the bottle and glass, along with beers on draft.

3. Gusto

When it comes to Rome's pinsa flatbread, we think Gusto is the best of the best in San Francisco. The Roman pinsas at Gusto rely on an ancient dough recipe that is rooted in traditional methods and techniques. Basically, these pinasas are about as close as you can get to the authentic ones you'd find in Rome, which is exactly why it's in our top three. The crust has a beautiful crunch on the outside with a fluffy and light interior, and the fresh produce is always sourced locally. The quality at Gusto is virtually unmatched, and it's rare to be able to get such an authentic pinsa outside of Italy.

Start off with the classic Caesar salad or caprese before digging into your main course, Since there are 22 different pinsas to choose from, there really is something for everyone. That said, you can't go wrong with the cheesy quatro formaggi or the truffle-forward Montanara.

2. Outta Sight Pizza

Located in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, Outta Sight Pizza keeps things simple and classic, but its approach is exactly what makes it so great. From controversial Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham to vegan pies topped with sauce, olives, and basil, Outta Sight Pizza has mastered the art of no-frills pizza that everyone seems to crave. Best of all, this locally-owned pizza shop that was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it a priority to source from local businesses and purveyors while doing everything possible to give back to the community. This dedication to creating a connection with the city plus its nostalgic approach to tried-and-true toppings has allowed Outta Sight Pizza to land in our No. 2 spot.

The slice shop in Tenderloin is where you can stop by in person for a slice, but you can also have whole 18-inch pies, salads, and wings delivered to you via Doordash. The Madonna pie is the establishment's signature pizza and is made with both fresh and aged mozzarella. The vodka pie is another tasty favorite that shines thanks to the house-made vodka sauce.

1. Angie's Pizza

Coming in at our No. 1 spot is none other than Angie's Pizza. The traditional Neapolitan pizza pies simply can't be beaten. The puffy crust is out of this world and cooked to perfection. The quality toppings are always fresh, and, though you can't go wrong with the classic Margherita, Angie's also serves a few more innovative and unique combinations. The peas pizza is made with fresh mozzarella, salsa bianca, prosciutto, Parmesan, and a touch of mint. The date pizza is a wonderful option for those who like a combo of sweet and savory, and features goat cheese in addition to mozzarella, bacon, radicchio, and chile.

The eggplant pizza is perfect for vegetarians, as are most of the small-plate appetizers. Pair your pizza with a glass of Gamay or a chilled orange wine before ending with a scoop of house-made ice cream. The banana ice cream with dulce de leche is a local favorite.