Why TikTok Star Nick DiGiovanni Decided To Write A Cookbook - Exclusive

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It may seem almost unnecessary for Nick DiGiovanni to write a cookbook. He's not exactly lacking in exposure, having created one of the most popular culinary social media brands out there, with more than 20 million followers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Not to mention DiGiovanni's TV notoriety as one of the youngest finalists on "MasterChef," where he endured Gordon Ramsay's intense tutelage to ultimately place a respectable third in the competition. And yet, he is indeed seeking to expand his platform even further with the release of his new book, "Knife Drop: Creative Recipes Anyone Can Cook."

So what compelled him to write a full on cookbook? DiGiovanni opened up about what drove him to lay out his recipes, approach, and culinary philosophy on paper while speaking to fellow foodie and cookbook author Tiffani Thiessen on a recent episode of Tasting Table's Shared Tastes series. "You have that really intense personal touch on it," said DiGiovanni, explaining that for him, it's a way to connect with his audience on a deeper level. "The recipes ... have so much more love than some random recipe that you look up online. Food is all about... the nuances and those little extra touches."

A cookbook for everyone

DiGiovanni divulged that it has always been a dream of his to write a cookbook so that he could share the ideas and skills he's been cultivating since he was a kid, but also as a way to appeal to those looking for more than just recipes. He emphasized how important it was that the photography used throughout be captivating and beautiful. And as someone who is always looking for ways to have fun in the kitchen — whether it's breaking Guinness world records, recreating fast food favorites, or taking on wild cooking challenges — he wanted to include entertaining stories from his culinary journey in the book as well. 

With "Knife Drop," DiGiovanni has written a cookbook that is as intriguing for seasoned chefs as it is accessible for cooking beginners. The goal, he explained, was to make a cookbook that nearly anyone can pick up and cook from. "I pulled together a bunch of different things in my background, whether it's family or the different places I've traveled... to try to put all my learnings into one place. I really, truly tried not to hold back with any little tip or any little lesson I've learned along the way."

Click here to order "Knife Drop: Creative Recipes Anyone Can Cook," available on June 13. Follow the latest from Nick DiGiovanni on TikTok and Youtube.