Icelandic Provisions Skyr Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

Navigating the yogurt aisle of your local grocery store can feel like embarking on a vast culinary journey. From squeezable tubes designed for tiny hands to robust, high-protein yogurts meant to sustain you throughout the day, the options are endless. However, nestled amongst these familiar options, there is an intriguing alternative you may have yet to discover: skyr.

This Icelandic specialty shares similarity with the yogurt you're accustomed to but introduces some unique nuances. Like Greek yogurt, skyr has a notably thick texture, often requiring a good stir before becoming thoroughly enjoyable. With a history dating back approximately one millennium and the use of heirloom cultures handed down through generations, skyr is undoubtedly grounded in tradition.

We really enjoy skyr yogurt, particularly Icelandic Provisions' offerings, for its extraordinary heartiness and wholesome ingredient profile. Each flavor has been carefully crafted, prioritizing taste and nutritional balance rather than relying heavily on sugar. After the pleasure of sampling a variety of flavors from Icelandic Provisions, we developed distinct preferences, and it was clear that each offering was created with care and attention. We recommend giving this unique yogurt variant a try during your next grocery store visit for a delightful change of pace.

17. Plain

While we enjoyed most flavors of skyr, the Plain variety didn't fully meet our expectations. Its texture, somewhat akin to cream cheese, was quite dense, which was different than we'd prefer. Neither was the flavor to our taste. We generally lean towards yogurts with a smooth sweetness, but this plain skyr lacked that element. Its flavor inclined more towards acerbic, reminiscent of sour cream. Maybe good as an ingredient, but a bit strong for breakfast.  

However, it's important to note that our critique is based on personal preferences, and this product does pack an impressive 17 grams of hearty protein. As an ingredient in your protein-rich morning smoothie, it could really work. This yogurt could become quite a tasty treat when paired with fruits or even chocolate accompaniments. It might not be our top choice as a standalone snack, but it certainly shows the potential that Icelandic Provisions meets when the base is mixed with other ingredients.

16. Honey Apricot

We dug into the Honey & Apricot flavor for a sappier yogurt than the plain variety. Thanks to the honey, we found this one is just that: a touch more sugar, but the honey didn't necessarily taste the way we expected it to. It is almost as though the yogurt has only the slightest honey essence but lacks any of the floral notes of distinct floral flavors. The apricot flavor, too, is only subtle on this one.

All told the tangy backbone of the yogurt remained prominent, with any saccharine notes falling short of cloaking it entirely. With this Honey & Apricot version, we ended up craving stronger inclusions and hoped those tastes of honey and apricot would stand to give a more herbal, fructose-forward flavor. We should also mention that this cup was watery on top and needed some stirring before we began tasting. This was alright with us since we preferred the thinner texture to the plain variety.

15. Vanilla

Almost every yogurt brand features a vanilla option, and the intensity of the flavor can vary. Icelandic Provision's skyr version provides a subtle hint of it intertwined with a mild sharpness. While we typically lean towards smoother vanillas, this one could appeal to those who appreciate warmth in their vanilla yogurt. If you're a fan of Greek vanilla yogurt, this might just be up your alley.

Peppered throughout the creamy yogurt are tiny specks of spice. Given vanilla's ubiquity, it's easy to expect a uniform color when featured in yogurts. The visual variety here, therefore, comes as a pleasant surprise. As we're quickly discovering, skyr yogurts lean towards the hefty side, far from runny by most comparison. Still, this vanilla yogurt is less thick than the plain variety, which we appreciate. It's very snackable and would make a delicious base for your vanilla yogurt smoothies or as part of frosting.

14. Raspberry

Icelandic Provisions' raspberry flavor offered a heavily flavored yogurt and delicious addition to the skyr berry lineup. Upon opening the container, we discovered only a tiny amount of liquid on top, but the rest of the yogurt remained heavy. We did some stirring to make it creamier, the thickness broke, and it quickly turned into the perfect consistency. This one had more of a Greek yogurt feel than many of the other varieties, so perhaps it was no surprise that we ended up stirring it.

After tasting this flavor, we were surprised by the chalky mouthfeel left behind by the yogurt. It was the only variety that had this result, but the flavor was still quite lovely. We think it would make a delicious parfait paired with strawberries, blueberries, and some accenting, warming brown sugar sprinkled on top. If you love a sharp and robust raspberry flavor, you're going to enjoy this cup.

13. Blackberry & Boysenberry

One of the things we love about Icelandic Provisions skyr is the really unique and exciting fruits the company introduces in its flavors. While we often see blackberry yogurt, boysenberry is far less common. A boysenberry is actually a hybrid between three different berries: blackberries (as paired here), loganberries, and raspberries. So while it's fun to see boysenberry on the package, it does feel redundant. This results in a slightly muddled take of fruit yogurt.

The combination of blackberry and boysenberry is definitely a fruity one. With the delicate, refreshing flavor, these berries perfectly complement the yogurt, enhancing its intrinsic tangy undertone without overpowering it with too much bush fruit summer goodness. We did appreciate having some berries in the mix, but we would have liked it even more if the fruit flavors were dialed up a notch. Still, it was exciting to taste a berry combination, even if the boysenberry is part blackberry anyway.

12. Wild Blueberry & Bilberry

This particular flavor showcased a unique blend of fruit, specifically blueberry paired with bilberry. The resulting flavor was predominantly blueberry due to the close taste profile between it and bilberries. It's still enjoyable, even though the flavor doesn't deviate much from the standard blueberry yogurt. Even if the bilberry doesn't bring a significant shift, its inclusion provides a fun opportunity to sample a fruit not commonly enjoyed on a daily basis.

We noticed a higher degree of zestiness than we anticipated for a blueberry yogurt, consistent with other skyr flavors. However, we were glad to discover there was no excess liquid on top upon opening the container. Although batches may vary, it's always a welcome sight when you can enjoy the yogurt straight away without needing to stir it first. With all of the different berry flavors Icelandic Provisions offers, we imagine this Wild Blueberry & Bilberry flavor would look and taste lovely in a layered berry parfait.

11. Pineapple

Usually, when something is pineapple-flavored, it's hard to miss the robust, tropical taste. However, the pineapple variant from Icelandic Provisions takes a subtler approach. If you're looking for an intense punch, this may not meet your expectations. We craved a stronger pineapple taste but do appreciate this gentler version that feels more natural. Interestingly, due to our initial expectation of a more pronounced pineapple character, we also anticipated a more ripe taste, given that ultra-ripe fruit has its own complexity that could pair with a bold yogurt. The downplay of this trait isn't too surprising considering our experience with Icelandic Provisions, but it might be if you're accustomed to regular pineapple yogurts.

We think it would pair wonderfully with the coconut-flavored skyr to enhance the subdued equatorial flavor. Given its stronger taste profile, combining these two could create a refreshing, tropically delightful duo. Without the coconut, it resembles a tasty pineapple cottage cheese more than yogurt.

10. Berry Medley

Given that Icelandic Provisions presents a variety of individual berry flavors, we were surprised to encounter a basic berry medley flavor. It combines several fruits into one unique flavor that's somewhat challenging to pinpoint. We detected strong notes of raspberry and blueberry but wished there was a more pronounced strawberry flavor along with them.

When we opened it, there was a bit of liquid on top, and the cup wasn't as thick as some other flavors. This yogurt had a consistency more like the thinner yogurts we've tried. It also had a milder berriness, which we suspect is primarily due to the dominant blueberry. A bit more strawberry might have brightened this one up. If you're looking for a solid berry option and you don't really want to be able to taste a specific variety or nuance of a particular berry, we think you'll enjoy this tasty medley offering.

9. Key Lime

We love a key lime pie, and often, when we pull a key lime-flavored anything off the shelf, we expect it to have that unique key lime flavor to it. However, that is simply not the case with this key lime Icelandic Provisions skyr. Instead of having that pie taste, this one is focused exclusively on the actual key lime fruit.

This led to a cup of yogurt that leans much more on the tart side. This unexpected flavor profile could take you by surprise if you're anticipating the creamy, tropical, highly-sweetened key lime pie taste. But as enthusiasts of sour flavors, we found this variant rather delightful. It also maintains a smooth texture despite its unexpected flavor, which is always an advantage for our breakfast. Even the presence of some extra liquid on top didn't bother us. When stirred, we found it mixed well to create a pleasant consistency, and is very enjoyable to eat.

8. Lemon

When the key lime leaned away from the expected pie flavor, we expected the lemon variety to be similarly sour. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised to find it taking a smoother route. Rather than a robust, vibrant citrus, it tasted more like a subdued acid, reminiscent of lemon-infused water. The taste is less like biting into a fresh piece of fruit and more like capturing the subtle essence of it without an intense puckering kick. That said, if you're hoping for that citrine, botanical flavor similar to what you would find in the key lime pie cup of Icelandic Provisions, this might not be your favorite yogurt. 

All told, despite the mellow approach, this cup does deliver an authentic, convincing lemon taste, with the cream aspect imparting only a slight sugared note that is not overpowering. This is not a yogurt trying to mimic a lemonade but genuinely tastes like a yogurt infused with natural lemon. We found this variant to be delightfully smooth and provided a refreshing experience.

7. Peach & Cloudberry

The Peach & Cloudberry variety of skyr yogurt pleasantly surprised us, bursting with delightful peach pieces that enhance the flavor profile. Peach as a flavoring item can often be relatively unexciting, but we were thrilled that this version defied those expectations with its vibrant taste. The light effervescence of cloudberry also provided a lifting aspect.

Given that skyr can lean towards an acidic yogurt, we weren't sure how it would blend with the peach flavor. Yet, we were pleased to find a delicately sweet quality that worked well with the overall taste. As it is with skyr, the consistency is denser than normal yogurts, but not excessively so. If anything, the texture leans more towards that of custard, and we can easily picture this peach skyr yogurt being enjoyed as a frozen treat on a warm summer's day. We have been craving this boost in flavor from our samplings so far. Still, if you are one who likes their skyr more traditional, you may prefer one of the offerings that are on the mild side.

6. Strawberry & Lingonberry

We are somewhat used to seeing lingonberry sauce as a delicious topping for Swedish pancakes, but we haven't seen them mixed in with strawberry to create yogurt flavoring. Even still, the blend works wonderfully in the Strawberry & Lingonberry cup. The strawberries contribute a great sweetness, and the lingonberries layer a complementary tart accent.

In terms of texture, this flavor isn't quite as dense as vanilla, but it aligns well with the mouthfeel of Icelandic Provision's other berry variants. We also find it to be one of the better berry offerings in terms of overall flavor and texture, contributing to it being among our favorites. The interplay between the flavors of the two different berries, complemented by the unique yogurt style of skyr, results in a harmony where both the yogurt and the fruit are showcased at their best. This delicious pairing truly exemplifies a refreshing and delightful breakfast or snack experience — if you're new to the world of lingonberries, you'll likely still enjoy it.

5. Vanilla Bean

Icelandic Provisions' ultra-smooth vanilla bean-flavored yogurt is nothing short of a culinary delight. While we found the regular vanilla to be enjoyable yet somewhat lacking, this variety is a masterstroke. It's pleasingly more delicious than the traditional vanilla, bolder in presence, and it even conjures up images of a delectable custard.

Peeling back the foil cap, we found no liquid lingering on top. The yogurt was impeccably smooth throughout. Like regular vanilla, it featured tiny brown speckles, adding a touch of visual appeal. However, in terms of taste, this cup takes things to a whole new level. As with other flavors from Icelandic Provisions, we're intrigued by the idea of freezing the cups to enjoy them as a quasi-ice cream treat in the future. If you're aiming for a tantalizing smoothie base smoothie that requires only a few additional ingredients, we believe this ultra-smooth vanilla bean yogurt would make a fantastic starting point.

4. Cherry & Black Currant

Out of the various berry concoctions Icelandic Provisions presents, the cherry and blackcurrant flavor unequivocally captures our favor. The moment we peeled off the foil seal, we were greeted by a wonderfully fruity aroma. If you're an aficionado of cherry juice, you're familiar with its captivating fragrance and, therefore, the charm that this yogurt masterfully replicates.

We found this flavor of Icelandic to be the sweetest among the berry options, but it stops short of becoming overly saccharine. It encapsulates exactly what one desire from a cherry yogurt: a balance of tastes that isn't cloying, hyper-tart, or overall floral. The blackcurrants play a pivotal role here, subtly offsetting the flavor of the cherry with a characteristic edge. As with other flavors, there was a slight presence of liquid on top, necessitating a bit of stirring to achieve the perfect texture. This Cherry & Blackcurrant skyr is undoubtedly one of our top picks, our only wish being for a larger container to savor more of the delicious treat.

3. Coconut

Icelandic Provisions' coconut flavor makes a compelling choice if what you want is a taste of tropical bliss encapsulated within yogurt. Call it a vacation in a cup. This strikingly white yogurt gives the impression of a smooth consistency, yet it comes with a delightful twist: the tiny bits of coconut embedded within add mouthfeel. The miniature morsels introduce a subtle chewiness, adding an unexpected yet playful layer. That being said, if you're a purist who cherishes a completely smooth yogurt, these tiny coconut pieces might not be to your liking.

Possibly due to the incorporation of these chewy bits, the yogurt presents a looser texture around the coconut pieces. While we find this variant delightful in its own right, we also envision it pairs beautifully with other tropical flavors in a parfait or a simple mix. It could also serve as a delectable base for a tropical smoothie, blended with coconut water and frozen pineapple chunks for a truly exotic treat.

2. Cold Brew

As ardent fans of cold brew, we naturally gravitate toward anything that emulates its flavor. Consequently, Icelandic Provisions' Cold Brew Coffee variety undoubtedly lands near the top of our favorites. However, it's worth noting that its high ranking isn't attributed to its impeccable replication of cold brew flavor. Indeed, if we were to offer any critique, it would be that it aligns more with the taste profile of a coffee frappuccino rather than a traditional cold brew.

This yogurt veers towards the dessert-like coffee end of the spectrum, harmoniously balanced by a pleasant skyr undertone, yet still manages to retain a solid coffee flavor. The cold brew that Icelandic Provisions used as a waypoint must have leaned more towards the creamier side rather than a robust coffee flavor. Where it does hold true to an excellent cold brew is that it presents a velvety, smooth mouthfeel. And in contrast to your morning cup of Joe, this yogurt offers a delightful thickness, just as skyr should.

1. Passion Fruit & Mango

Icelandic Provisions delivers an array of delightful flavors, and our favorite ascends to totally new heights. Our absolute choice among the many different offerings from Icelandic Provisions is, without a doubt, the passion fruit and mango flavor. Besides the coconut cup, this is the closest one can get to experiencing a tropical cocktail captured in their breakfast bowl. It's always tiki time somewhere. 

We were captivated by the full flavor profile of this yogurt and its extraordinarily refreshing quality. A candy-like, sweet tree fruit trait is certainly present, yet it doesn't overshadow the authentic depth of the flavor. Here, the mango takes center stage with a robust and delightful presence, beautifully complemented by the unique notes of sour, musky-sweet passion fruit. Admittedly, this might not be a crowd-pleaser for those less fond of the pairing, but if you love mango like us, we cannot recommend this flavor highly enough. It is a true tropical delight that's sure to whisk your taste buds away on an exotic staycation.