The Crucial Step You Can't Skip On Starbucks Double Star Days

Since its start in 1971, Starbucks has developed an extensive drink menu alongside its premium roast blends. The biggest coffee chain in the world also offers a popular rewards program. With Starbucks Rewards, customers earn Stars each time they pay for an order, and they can cash in those Stars to get free drinks and other goodies later.

If you're the type of person who loves deals almost as much as you love coffee, chances are you've heard about Double Star Days. These special promotional days happen a couple of times a month, and are exactly what they sound like: days when you can get double the Stars, and therefore double the rewards. Before you rush to your local shop to stock up on Stars, there's one important step you can't miss. Per the Starbucks website, it's crucial that you opt in to receive emails from the company, since that's the best way to find out news regarding Double Star Days. Opting in also ensures that you're able to "activate" your Double Stars, which may be necessary before cashing them in. You can also do this by downloading the Starbucks app.

Opt in to stay in the know

Along with helping you keep track of some of the major changes to the Rewards program, opting to receive emails will let you be among the first to find out when the next Double Star Day is, which isn't something you want to miss. Normally, customers get one Star per $1 spent using cash or card at the register, or two Stars per $1 spent via gift card or the digital card available on the Starbucks app. But on Double Star Days, the Stars are — you guessed it — doubled. That means you'll earn two for every dollar spent with cash or card, and four for every dollar spent with a registered Starbucks card. Considering that you only need 25 Stars to cash in on certain rewards, like a free extra shot of espresso, Double Star Days offer the perfect way to expedite your savings!

Aside from earning Stars, there are plenty of other benefits to joining the rewards program, like a free treat on your birthday, free hot coffee and tea refills, and the ability to order ahead. So, before your next coffee run, read up on the best items from the Starbucks secret menu, and be sure you're getting the emails so you can stay on top of all the latest news and plan for the next Double Star Day.