For Both Crackly And Tender Roasted Potatoes, Turn Them Twice

When it comes to achieving roasted potato perfection, culinary icon Ina Garten has a simple yet ingenious technique up her sleeve. By turning the potatoes not just once but twice during the cooking process, she ensures they emerge from the oven gloriously crisp and golden on the outside, with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth interior. J. Kenji López-Alt also recommends turning the potatoes multiple times. But you might be surprised by the secrets behind this method and the delightful results it delivers.

While this approach to roasting potatoes involves turning them twice, Garten does not actually give tips on when to flip the spuds. This technique does work wonders in creating the ideal texture and flavor, but it might take longer than you might think. The initial turn typically occurs halfway through the cooking time, allowing all sides of the potato to come into contact with the hot pan. This heat exposure promotes even browning and helps with developing a satisfying crunch.

Due to the timing of the first flip, the second one should likely happen closer to the end of the cooking process. The extra step ensures that every cut side of the potato has the opportunity to become beautifully crisp and golden.

Pan contact is key for crispy, creamy potatoes

However, the key to this outcome is not just in the flipping. The magic behind Garten's method lies in the combination of exposure to high heat and searing. It's crucial that the multiple cut sides of each potato touch the pan during the turns.

As the spuds cook, the turning action exposes different surfaces to direct heat, resulting in a wonderfully crunchy exterior. Simultaneously, the creamy interior is achieved by the controlled cooking time and the potatoes' ability to retain moisture. That's why you ultimately get the crispy, golden outer layer and the soft center that delight the palate with each bite.

Remember to avoid overcrowding the pan and provide ample space between each piece of potato. This promotes proper air circulation, which results in optimal browning and crispiness. By embracing this game-changing technique and ensuring each cut side touches the pan, you'll be rewarded with perfectly roasted potatoes. It's a truly memorable addition to any meal.