Alfresco Seating Is The Only Option At This Starbucks Location In Mumbai

Starbucks loyalists are likely already aware that the coffee chain was styled after Italian café culture. But only those who have visited the Carter Road store in Mumbai, India, will know how much the company has changed since its early days. Unlike Starbucks stores around the world that are set up to accommodate guests inside, the Carter Road location has no indoor seats at all. In fact, this one exclusively offers outdoor seating.

While this one-of-a-kind Starbucks location in India probably isn't the go-to store on rainy days, it's just the place to be on warm, breezy days when everyone wants to enjoy a little alfresco coffee hour. Designed around time outside, this outdoor experience serves more than a vitamin D boost to customers. Though many might prefer to take a break from their routine to enjoy a coffee or refreshing beverage under palm trees, the reason why Starbucks creates inviting spaces strictly comes down to business.

Starbucks can sell more

By creating better spaces that people actively choose to spend more time at, Starbucks is able to sell more. The comfortable settings encourage people to stop by for an afternoon pick-me-up or even to hang around throughout the day. With more customers lingering longer, the coffee chain can sell more drinks as well as light meals and snacks. Ultimately, indoors or outdoors, a successful Starbucks store with a unique ambiance such as the alfresco-only seating at the Carter Road location benefits Starbucks' bottom line — despite rainy days. 

But even if you are not based in Mumbai and dream of experiencing this beautiful Starbucks location for yourself, there's a chance you can. It's actually one of 20 unique stores that 10 lucky Getaway Grand Prize winners can visit with a guest during the 2023 Summer Game. To win a trip to this location, you'll have to earn play-to-win chances as you sip your way through summer. Of course, you can always add this stunning Starbucks location to your travel bucket list too.