20 Best Restaurants In Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city that is full of history, opulent palaces, and amazing food. The capital of Austria, Vienna is also the country's main hub for all things culinary. Whether you're looking for a classic bistro table on a charming patio or a Michelin-starred fine dining establishment, foodies will find that the culinary scene in Vienna competes with the likes of Paris and London. The local wines are vibrant, the wiener schnitzel is crisp, and the pastries are perfectly flakey.

While upscale and fine-dining spots typically require reservations in advance, the city's charming cafes and bistros that line the cobblestone streets can usually be visited at your leisure. But if you prefer to have a solid plan of where and when you'll eat, it's essential to know which places are worth checking out. Whether you're a local or a first-time visitor, the Vienna restaurant scene has plenty of iconic establishments and hidden gems to explore. To get your adventure started, we've rounded up the best restaurants to try in Vienna.


Without a doubt, schnitzel is one of Vienna's — if not the most — traditional dishes. This crispy, fried cutlet of pork is the ultimate comfort food. While you can find schnitzel on the menu at most Austrian restaurants in Vienna, Figlmüller is the most iconic eatery to enjoy the dish. There are actually two locations right around the corner from one another. The original Figlmüller sits in a charming and idyllic alley-like street and has a very cozy and homey interior while the second location is a bit more upscale and spacious.

Regardless of which location you choose to dine at, ordering the original pork schnitzel is a must. Simply squeeze some fresh lemon over the schnitzel before topping each bite with a bit of jam. Pair with a side of Figlmüller's famous potato salad and a glass of Grüner Veltliner and enjoy.

PARÉMI Boulangerie

PARÉMI Boulangerie is a charming French-inspired cafe in the heart of Vienna's city center. This is the ideal solo breakfast spot for travelers seeking a quality cappuccino and a variety of flakey baked goods to start their day off right. Though the interior is inviting, the outdoor bistro tables provide an authentic European cafe experience. The quiche Lorraine is made with tender chunks of ham, while its crust is perfectly crispy and delicate. This treat is also served alongside a refreshing spring salad tossed in a homemade mustard dressing. Go all out and order a basket of baguettes with some fresh butter. If you visit during lunch, order the ham and cheese sandwich alongside a bright glass of white wine or Champagne.


When it comes to Instagram-worthy cafes, it doesn't get better than Vienna's Demel. This breathtaking salon has been around since 1786 and is perfect for dining in or picking up some pastries on the go. It is located right up the street from the Hofburg Palace, making it the perfect spot after a morning of sightseeing and touring the Sisi Museum. Upon walking in, guests are greeted with a mouthwateringly sweet aroma that fills the entire space.

From scones to strudels, Demel does it all when it comes to baked goods. However, this historic cafe is most famous for its creme cakes. In addition to traditional sachertorte cake, Demel specializes in more innovative flavors like passionfruit and Russian punch cake. Also, don't leave without grabbing a Viennese iced coffee. You won't be sorry.


Looking for a modern dinner spot with show-stopping cocktails and contemporary cuisine? Head to TUYA. Located in the middle of the city, TUYA is ideal for birthday dinners, bachelorette parties, or any celebration. The restaurant and bar encourage ordering to share. If you're attending with a big group, be sure to order plenty so that you can enjoy a full taste of the variety of cuisine that TUYA has to offer.

The starters section features tons of seafood options like roasted tiger prawns, fresh oysters, octopus carpaccio, and a truffle tuna tartare. In regards to entrées, the pan-fried Dover sole is delicious. However, the restaurant's 12-hour beef short rib truly shines. If you're craving a cocktail, order the Duck N' Roses cocktail that arrives in an adorable mini bathtub.


Compared to some of the more casual spots on this list, Buxbaum is a more upscale restaurant. The eatery has an inventive tasting menu and an elegant atmosphere. This is an ideal date spot located in the center of the city. While the tasting menu isn't as expensive as some other fine dining spots, expect to still spend a decent chunk of change. This Michelin-guide eatery puts an elegant twist on traditional Austrian fare. You can embark on the tasting menu or order a la carte with your friends.

The four-course tasting menu is 75 euros per person, while the five-course is 89 euros. Depending on the season, the tasting menu changes. But you can expect local classics like Viennese catfish, venison, and white asparagus to frequent the menu. For the ultimate experience, add the optional wine pairing and take your taste buds on a journey through Austria.


Sushi might not be the first thing that comes to mind to try while visiting Vienna. However, when the craving strikes for some maki rolls, Mochi has you covered. The fish here is fresh, the plating is beautiful, and the fusion of Japanese and European flavors results in dynamic and inventive sushi rolls that are sure to hit the spot. Mochi is ideal for a tasty lunch with friends in between shopping or strolling the city square. Start off your meal with the yuzu-forward Mochi spritz or enjoy a refreshing glass of Austrian wine.

The signature Mochi dishes are a must. Some favorites here are the crispy prawns with yuzu truffle and salmon sashimi with truffle mayo. When it comes to the rolls, the honey miso roll with charred salmon is perfect for sharing, as is the breaded crispy Buddha roll.

Pramerl & the Wolf

Casual fine dining might seem like a contradiction, but Pramerl & the Wolf has managed to make the concepts blend seamlessly. The setting is dim-lit and cozy while still being stylish, but there isn't a sense of snobbery or fanciness that is often found in fine dining establishments. That said, the more upscale side of Pramerl & the Wolf can be seen on the menu.

Since there is no a la carte ordering, guests must be ok with following the pre-set menu that is carefully curated each day. The menu price depends on which day and what time you plan your visit. For example, dining on a Wednesday or Thursday will cost 150 euros, while Friday and Saturday evenings will cost 170 euros. However, if you attend early on the weekend, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the lower price of 130 euros.


Between its unique and underground-like atmosphere and comforting menu, Erich is a solid spot for a casual yet impressive lunch or dinner in Vienna. The graffiti wall near the bar sets a cool backdrop for cocktails in the early evening while the outdoor garden provides that beloved piazza feel that travelers flock to when in Europe. The gin and tonics are super popular at Erich and there are over 10 different variations to choose from here.

Erich doubles as a coffee bar, so you can also get your caffeine fix. For food, enjoy bar bites like nachos and the kimchi quesadilla, or go all out with one of the taco boxes. There is also a vegan taco box for diners, too. If you're looking for something hearty and filling, the grilled hangover sandwich is a local favorite.

Pizza Randale

Caught a craving for pizza while sightseeing? From white pizzas to pies made with classic marinara, Pizza Randale has it all. Its Neapolitan pizza contains quality ingredients and features a perfectly puffed crust. Yes, Italy is the pizza capital of the world. But Pizza Randale does a wonderful job at bringing traditional techniques and mouth-watering flavors to Western Europe.

The menu is fairly straightforward here and is broken down into special pizzas, appetizers, white pizzas, red pizzas, and desserts. Since specialty pies change regularly, it's a good idea to branch out and give one a try. When it comes to classics that should always be ordered, consider the diavola, Margherita, and quattro formaggi. If you can save room for dessert, don't skip on the homemade chocolate cake.

Steirereck Restaurant

When it comes to eating elevated Austrian cuisine, look no further than Steirereck. The ingredients used are fresh and locally sourced, and the plating is beyond photo-worthy. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or job promotion, Steirereck Restaurant should be at the top of your list for any special occasion. That said, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

There are six and seven-course tasting menus available for lunch and dinner, but you can also always order a la carte if you prefer. However, unlike most upscale tasting menus, the ones at Steirereck Restaurant allow you to choose between a variety of options — ensuring that your experience can be customized to your liking. If you choose to order a la carte, don't miss out on taking a bite of the Styrian beef goulash and veal shoulder.


Loca is another casual fine dining restaurant that serves a six-course tasting menu curated by its chef. Since it is marketed as a "casual" fine dining spot, there is no dress code — allowing patrons to enjoy high-quality cuisine in total comfort. Though the menu is curated by the chef, everything can be adjusted according to dietary restrictions or preferences. Just be sure to alert your server beforehand.

The six-course menu costs 79 euros per person with an optional wine pairing for 36 euros. However, if you're not up for the six-course tasting but still want to experience Loca, make a reservation before 6:30 p.m. and indulge in the three-course tasting, which is priced reasonably at 49 euros.

Veranda Vienna

Looking to enjoy a romantic dinner in Vienna? Grab a cozy corner table at the Veranda Vienna. The service here is top notch and the food has a modern twist. However, the menu doesn't stray too far from the comfort of Austrian fare. Most ingredients used are organic, seasonal, and sourced from local purveyors and farmers.

In addition to ordering a la carte, guests can also embark on a three, four, or five-course tasting menu. The tasting menu changes weekly, but some consistent dishes that are usually available for a la carte ordering include the herb-marinated beef tartare, classic wiener schnitzel, and beef filet. End your meal with a selection of local cheeses paired with a crisp glass of wine.

Silvio Nickol

Considering it has two Michelin stars, it should come as no surprise that a meal at Silvio Nickol is unlike any other. The atmosphere at Silvio Nickol is designed to the nines. Whether you dine during the day or evening, your taste buds are taken on an elevated journey. There are two tasting menu options at Silvio Nickol: You can order a seven-course tasting or a nine-course tasting.

That said, since there is only a 20 euro price difference between both menus, we recommend opting for the nine-course experience. You can also sign up for the elevated wine pairing for the ultimate sensory meal. The current tasting menus feature everything from turbot to venison — so be sure to come hungry.


If you're looking for something quick and casual but still high-quality, SchachtelW!RT is the place to go. This trendy and modern hotspot brings a fresh approach to cuisine to a historic and traditional city. Since the menu changes weekly, loyal regulars and locals enjoy new bites and flavors each time they visit.

Dishes on the weekly menu are as simple as a Caesar salad and as innovative as goulash with green asparagus. The desserts are spot-on at SchachtelW!RT and tend to use fresh fruits and light flavors. SchachtelW!RT is open every day except Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Although it is located slightly out of the city center, its location is a great place for leisurely strolls.


The outside terrace at Lebenbauer is exactly what you dream of when you think of al fresco dining in Vienna. The plant-covered patio and charming, cloth-covered bistro tables create the ideal setup for a relaxed and refined lunch or dinner in the city. Start off your meal with smoked salmon tartare for a light yet flavorful appetizer. If you're dining during the colder months, the curry vegetable soup with coconut is perfect for keeping warm.

When it comes to entrees, there are plenty of vegetarian and seafood-forward options to choose from too. The catfish fillet is a Viennese classic, while the wok-tossed tofu and veggies are loved by vegetarians and carnivores alike. Finally, finish off your meal with the rich and creamy chocolate mousse served with fresh fruit and vanilla cream.

Restaurant Duchardt

Restaurant Duchardt blends French and Austrian cuisine to create a refined and modern experience that has made its way into the Michelin Guide. Each meal starts with fresh-baked sourdough bread served with salted butter and oil. Then, if you choose to order a la carte, you can start with a Dorado fish appetizer or the portobello mushroom starter. Before the main event, there is the option for an intermediate course such as green asparagus with caviar.

While a la carte ordering gives you more control over what you eat, the 99 euro five-course menu is the best option for foodies looking to get a true taste of what Restaurant Duchardt has to offer. If you're not hungry enough for five courses, opt for the four-course option, or if you're ravenous, splurge for the six course at 119 euros.


If you enjoy dinner and a show, you'll love dining at APRON. The open and exposed kitchen allows patrons to get an inside look into the process behind the magic. This Michelin-guide restaurant provides a unique dining experience in the heart of the city. While APRON is certainly a pricier place for dinner, its meals are well worth the expense.

Diners can choose between a seven or five-course tasting menu. Both menus are designed to tantalize all of the senses. However, you also have the option of eating at its stunning bar and ordering a drink made with 400 different and locally-sourced spirits and wines. The cocktails and mixed drinks are made using ingredients like extracts and house-made syrups — meaning the quality can be tasted in everything you drink from start to finish.

Om Namo

Caught a craving for Indian food while strolling through Vienna? Om Namo is a contemporary Indian eatery that is known for sticking with traditional Indian recipes that source meats exclusively from Austria. The palm tree leaf wallpaper creates a bright and airy environment that matches the modern setting of the restaurant.

There is also a fun patio that is open during the summer and is the perfect place to people-watch. From butter chicken to lamb vindaloo, diners are able to enjoy all of their favorite Indian dishes while washing them down with a glass of Grüner Veltliner or a refreshing mojito. However, if you visit during lunch expect a more limited menu that features different specials each day of the week. The lunch price is set at 6.90 euros, making this spot an amazing option for those sticking to a budget.

Entler Ein

Entler is a warm and inviting eatery that sets its scene with white tablecloths, modern booths, and elegant flowers on each table. The restaurant's wine list focuses on Austrian wines and producers, while the food menu puts a contemporary twist on traditional recipes. The menu changes based on what is in season and readily available, but patrons can expect to enjoy innovative and vibrant flavors from each plate.

However, meals here are on the pricier side. Also, Entler does not accept debit or credit cards, so be sure to come prepared with cash. Since white asparagus is an Austrian favorite, be sure to order it when it's on the menu. To its credit, the restaurant has a handful of delicious sweets, so save room for dessert and order the egg liqueur parfait with chocolate mousse.


Sixta is a laid-back and locally-loved joint that pours great beers, fine wines, and quality espressos. The interior has a vintage appeal enhanced by red accents and antique paintings. Snag a spot at the bar if you're looking to drink or mingle or get a table and enjoy a full spread of Viennese favorites. In addition to standard staples, the menu also features seasonal dishes that change and rotate — allowing even the most loyal of patrons to experience something new with each visit.

The beef tartare is a wonderful appetizer to order and it's topped with a quail egg and served with toast. The vegan asparagus risotto is a great option for plant-based eaters, while the pork tenderloin with hollandaise sauce is a delight to behold for meat lovers.