Store Eggs With Truffles For Fancy, Aromatic Flavors

Eggs served with truffle are a classic French pairing, thanks to the delicate flavor profile that the ingredients create. But what home cooks might not know is that there is a way to infuse even more truffle flavor into eggs without actually using more of the pricey ingredient.

Simply try refrigerating the two items together. When eggs are stored with truffles, they take on the distinctive flavor of the prized delicacy due to one key characteristic of eggshells. 

Eggshells are porous, meaning they have tiny microscopic pores or holes that allow gases and moisture in and out of the egg. So when eggs are stored with other items that emit a strong odor, these pores also enable them to become infused with the flavors.

While the eggs will gradually take on the truffle's captivating aroma, it isn't the only odor they might take on. To prevent the eggs from absorbing other unwanted aromatics such as garlic, onion, or other strong smells that might be lingering in your fridge, you need to carefully consider how you store these two ingredients together. 

How to store eggs with truffles

For the best results, use fresh high-quality eggs and truffles to ensure optimal flavor transfer. Store them in the same airtight container. The enclosed space will allow the aroma of the truffles to permeate the eggs without the addition of any other aromatics. Ensure the container is clean and odor-free to avoid having any unwanted flavors.

Depending on the intensity of flavor you would like, the storage duration can vary. Allow the eggs to rest alongside the truffles for a few days to a week to absorb the aroma. Regularly check the eggs to achieve the desired flavor profile.

Truffles are delicate and susceptible to moisture and odors, which can cause them to mold quite quickly. To keep them as fresh as possible, consider adding a moisture-wicking component to the airtight container. For example, you can wrap the truffle in a paper bag or line the container with straw. Just be sure to refresh whatever you add every other day or so to maintain the best conditions for up to two weeks.

So, embrace the infusion of flavorful truffles into your eggs. Enjoy the magic that this combination can bring to your dishes.