Rita's Italian Ice Revives 5-Layer Gelati For A Limited Run

Is it getting hotter? Yep. Are the days getting longer? You bet. The question is, as always, how are you going to beat the heat? Air-conditioning is nice, but sometimes you need to internalize the cold, and really chill the core. Well, Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard would love to help you out in this arena. Its cool treats are just what the doctor ordered on the dog days. And, as if its regular offerings weren't enough, Rita's is upping the ante by bringing back a fan favorite for a limited time. According to a press release, it will offer the famous 5-Layer Gelati starting May 26 through July 9 at all Rita's locations. 

Layered in a clear Rita's cup are two layers of thick, rich frozen custard and two layers of refreshing, fruity Italian ice, all topped off with a crowning layer of that custard. For those who love both of Rita's specialties, it's a match made in heaven, as the frozen custard offers a creamy, round mouthfeel, while the Italian ice brings brightness and acidity not found in dairy confections. 

Beat the heat with a treat

If you're new to Rita's, you may not understand the hype behind the two extra layers of custard, but trust us, in this case, more is better. If making choices about that many layers is overwhelming, Rita's will be offering the 4th of Gelati through July 9, which features red and blue Italian ice and vanilla frozen custard. Or, if you're not in a fruity mood, you can create a more decadent gelati with chocolate custard and chocolate peanut butter Italian ice.

To celebrate the roll-out, Rita's is offering a special incentive to customers using its mobile app to purchase the treat. For the duration of the run, the 5-Layer Gelati will count for two loyalty credits instead of one. Stack up seven of those credits and you can walk away with a free small frozen treat. And, if that isn't a great way to beat the heat, we don't know what is.