Pompeian Launches New Olive Oils To Simplify How You Cook

Olive oil is prized the world over for being a healthy fat with a distinct flavor and myriad uses. However, it's so versatile that it can leave home cooks flummoxed about when and how to use it. And it's no wonder given the numerous varieties, from Spanish and Italian imports to the glossary of associated terms, like "refined," "first cold-pressing," and "extra virgin." To help out cooks who love olive oil but need a little direction, Pompeian has released a new line of oils with "easy-to-understand usages," outlines a recent company press release.

The "Made Easy series" features four olive oils, each formulated with a designated purpose: frying, baking, sautéing, and drizzling. No longer will people have to wonder whether they have an oil with the right amount of flavor or proper smoke point for the task at hand. Citing growing "consumer confusion" in the olive oil category, Pompeian's Innovation Marketing Manager Casey Smith says the company is "on a mission to democratize olive oil and healthy eating for all."

The right tool for the job

The bottles will come in 16 and 32-ounce volumes, be color-coded, and have the intended use printed on the front in large font, making it easy to quickly grab the correct container. Pompeian's goal is to remove as much of the confusion and complication from the cooking process as possible.

Made Easy Fry is an olive oil intended for pan-frying items like pork chops or potatoes. The high smoke point means that the oil won't make your kitchen an unbreathable space or produce off flavors. Speaking of flavor, Made Easy Bake is mild and perfect for savory casseroles and sweet cakes. The brand's Made Easy Sauté is an AHA-certified heart-healthy oil with a smooth taste that is still assertive enough to lend characteristic olive oil flavor without overpowering what you're cooking. And rounding out the list, intended for no-heat applications, is Made Easy Drizzle, the boldest of the new offerings with a distinct olive oil flavor perfect for vinaigrettes or finishing a soup. 

If you need a little more guidance in this area, you can always refer to our piece about cooking with different olive oils, but the Pompeian brand is hoping to take some of the guesswork out of shopping for this ingredient.