Berries Easily Transform Bourbon Into A Sweet, Summery Drink

When it comes to cocktails, bourbon is often associated with cozy winter nights by the fireplace. However, this versatile spirit has much more to offer, even during the warmer months. By incorporating fresh berries, you can create refreshing and lighter bourbon cocktails that are perfect for sipping on sunny spring and summer days.

Berries bring a burst of natural sweetness and vibrant colors to your bourbon cocktails, effortlessly elevating their appeal. And fortunately, there are several berries that work very well with bourbon. With its luscious flavor and beautiful red hue, strawberries are a classic choice for bourbon mixed drinks. They add a touch of sweetness and a refreshing twist to any drink. Elsewhere, raspberries offer a tart and slightly tangy note to the table. Their bright red color makes them visually appealing, while their flavor complements the smoothness of bourbon perfectly. Finally, blackberries add a rich complexity and slightly sweet element to bourbon cocktails.

To create a well-balanced and harmonious cocktail, it's important to pair berries and bourbon with complementary ingredients. The vibrant acidity of citrus, such as lemon or lime, adds a refreshing kick to your drink. Fresh herbs like mint, basil, or thyme can provide an aromatic element that harmonizes with the flavors of berries and bourbon. Adding a few dashes of aromatic or fruity bitters can enhance the balance of your cocktail too.

Try these berry and bourbon cocktails

Just because you can riff or experiment to create your own berry and bourbon creations doesn't mean you have to, though. For those who prefer to follow tried and true cocktail recipes, there are plenty of different bourbon drinks that feature berries. One such cocktail is a fruity take on a classic bourbon mixed drink: a blackberry-mint julep. However, to incorporate fresh berries, try muddling blackberries in the glass along with the mint and sugar. 

Another berry-bourbon cocktail is a strawberry-basil bourbon smash. Again, muddle strawberries and basil in a glass before adding the bourbon, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Shake the concoction with ice and strain it into a glass to serve. Finally, you can use bourbon in a raspberry-lime smash. Combine the raspberries, bourbon, lime juice, and sweetener in a shaker before straining into a glass.

So, embrace the vibrant flavors of spring and summer by incorporating fresh berries into your bourbon cocktails. Whether it's the sweetness of strawberries, the tang of raspberries, or the depth of blackberries, these fruits will add a refreshing twist to your drinks — without sparing the best bourbons.