Grillo's Pickles Is Popping Up In NYC This Summer

New York City is famous for its pickles, especially its half-sours that are readily available at delis throughout the city. That's what makes it the perfect venue for a briny new pop-up just announced by Grillo's Pickles. In an email to Tasting Table, the company, which has been producing pickles since 2008, says that the Lower East Side will be home to Grillo's Pickle World Pop Up, set to begin on June 3. The pop-up will feature the brand's famous pickle varieties, including pickled cucumbers, grapes, garlic, red onions, and Pickle De Gallo. Grillo's is also showcasing two new products: Sweet + Spicy Pickle Chips and Blazing Hot Pickle Chips. 

No pop-up would be complete without events and merchandise centered on the theme, and Grillo's Pickle World does not disappoint. If you've ever wanted to see a hand-blown glass pickle jar hat, one made by stylish milliner Brian Downey will be on display. There will also be pickle seltzers by Two Robbers for those with adventurous palates, Grillo's merchandise, including pins, socks, tie-dye shirts, and a Polaroid Pickle-Themed Camera.

Pickle domination

Travis Grillo got his start in the pickle game after a job opportunity fell through. According to the company's website, he lost out on a position with Nike and decided to turn to a century-old family recipe. With produce he procured from a backyard garden, he began to sell his wares from the trunk of his car. Eventually, he made what some might consider a lateral move vehicularly-speaking, opening a pickle cart in Boston hawking spears of his pickles. Whole Foods soon asked Grillo to jar his pickles for locations of their stores, and word began to spread, boosted by an unsolicited endorsement from podcaster Joe Rogan.

A pop-up may seem like an odd choice for a pickle purveyor, but it is totally in keeping with Grillo's marketing style, which has created considerable buzz and garnered scads of followers across its social media channels. Speaking with Modern Retail, Grillo's senior brand manager, Eddie Andre, said that the company followed a path of showing up "where other brands wouldn't or didn't know how [to]." In practical terms, that meant creating merch that spoke to subcultures such as skateboarding and punk music and having a presence in unlikely spaces, like music festivals.

The Grillo's Pickle Pop-Up will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from June 3 through June 18 at 2 Rivington St. New York, NY.