Don't Waste The Foam You Skim Off Of Homemade Jam, Dehydrate It

While making fruit jam, a magical transformation occurs as the fruit mixture bubbles and thickens. As the liquid simmers, foam forms on the surface, brimming with intense fruit flavors. Instead of discarding this byproduct, you can dehydrate it and upcycle it into a seriously delicious and versatile treat. 

Simply remove the foam from the top of the jam mixture and spread it evenly onto a food dehydrator tray or a lined baking sheet. Dehydrate the foam at a low temperature for approximately six to eight hours or overnight. 

The time may vary depending on the moisture content and thickness of the foam. Once the foam has dried and transformed into pliable sheets, cut it into desired shapes and sizes. Roll them up, and you have flavorful fruit leather ready to enjoy as a snack or use as an ingredient in various recipes, like as a topping for your favorite sundae.

The benefits of up-cycling jam foam

But if fruit leather is not your favorite fruit treat, there's a way to boost the bright flavor and bring in a crunchy texture. According to Food & Wine, you can further dehydrate the foam skimmed from the top of boiling fruit jam to create candy-like shards. Simply allow the foam that has been spread across a food dehydrator tray or lined baking sheet to sit in the low and steady heat for a longer time until it becomes brittle. Once you break them apart into tiny crystallized bits, these crunchy toppings can be used in a variety of ways. 

For example, try adding chewy or crunchy bites of the dehydrated fruit foam into scones or biscuits for added flavor and texture in strawberry shortcakes or even in a huckleberry cobbler. The unusual spin on fruit could also be an interesting addition to a charcuterie board or a nice topping for yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. The opportunities are endless and undoubtedly delicious.