Cholula Branches Out With First Ever Line Of Salsa And Taco Seasoning

Take heed, heat seekers and hot sauce heads. Cholula, makers of one of the most iconic, unique, and popular Mexican hot sauces, has just announced that it's branching out with a line of three different salsas and three varieties of taco seasoning. This is an especially exciting announcement from the brand, as this is the first time it has expanded into new product categories, says a press release from McCormick & Company, producer of Cholula.

The new products take the flavors of a few of the brand's seven hot sauces and present them in a new, more versatile way. We all have that one friend that has zero spice tolerance, so the new products are a way for them to try the flavors without as much heat. The three salsas that debuted are Original, Salsa Verde, and Smoky Chipotle. The taco seasonings come in Original Recipe, Smoky Chipotle, and Chili Garlic, so you can sprinkle your favorite hot sauce flavor onto a variety of dishes.

New sauce, seasoning, and streetwear

The Original Salsa is based on the brand's classic hot sauce recipe, which combines arbol and piquin peppers with native Mexican herbs and spices for a unique flavor profile. While it shines as a dip for chips, Cholula has a host of recipe suggestions on its website. This particular salsa is the perfect complement to chicken quesadillas. 

For a fruitier salsa, try the Salsa Verde, which combines bright tomatillos, verdant jalapeños, poblanos, and a kick of garlic, cilantro, and lime. It would make a great addition to our Cheesy Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas. The Smoky Chipotle Salsa is a darker and bolder entrant. The chipotles add a complex flavor like notes of sweet raisin and caramel not found in fresh pepper salsas. Cholula recommends pairing the bold salsa with a mild protein such as cod for fish tacos. 

We'd be remiss to leave out the brand's suggestions for seasoning mixes: the Original Recipe Seasoning Mix is an excellent addition to ground chuck for great tacos and nachos, the Chili Garlic Recipe Mix shines on steak for packing burritos, and the Smoky Chipotle Recipe Mix is best for slathering over mild proteins or tofu for chilaquiles or cheesy tostadas.

To hype up this announcement even more, Cholula is partnering with streetwear brand UPRISERS to release a limited edition collection. Follow both brands on social media for updates.