Why Queso Blanco Is A Great Soft Cheese For Stuffed Dishes

Mexico might not be known for its reputation in cheese production the way that France and Italy are, but that doesn't mean the country doesn't churn out some delicious dairy products. Interestingly enough, very few of the cheeses that Mexico does produce are aged. They're generally made from cow's milk and are considered fresh since it's not ripened. Queso blanco is often used to describe various white Mexican cheeses because the term translates to "white cheese." But there is a specific cheese called queso blanco that is often used as a garnish but is also delicious in stuffed dishes.

Queso blanco is a soft, crumbly fresh cheese that tastes mild, milky, and slightly tangy. Unlike Oaxaca cheese, queso blanco will not melt when heated but it does get warm and soft which makes it a great option for stuffing into peppers, enchiladas, zucchini, jalapeños, chicken breasts, or any other favorite dishes. If you love the satisfying cheese pull that melty cheeses offer, feel free to combine it with other dairy products too. Instead of melting down when heated through, queso blanco will retain its shape and add rich creaminess to your dishes.

Use queso blanco inside or on top of your dishes

Some people describe the flavor of queso blanco as a cross between mozzarella and cottage cheese, which means it's creamy yet tangy. It also doesn't have a strong flavor, so it's very versatile. Try using it in stuffed poblano peppers, grilled cheese sandwiches, empanadas, and even quesadillas. For appetizers, substitute queso blanco for goat cheese in dates, figs, or mini cherry peppers. As a garnish, it also pairs perfectly with tacos, in soups, on salads, and scattered on scrambled eggs with Mexican chorizo.

If you can't find queso blanco, queso fresco also makes a great substitute, as does cotija cheese or queso añejo but the latter two are probably best for garnishing as they won't get quite as soft as queso blanco does when heated. The lesser-known requesón cheese is similar to ricotta cheese and would also be a suitable substitute if you're looking for cheese to use as a stuffing. But if you currently have queso blanco on hand and are feeling adventurous, it would also be an interesting choice to add to a spicy pork torta. The mild, milky flavor would tame some of the heat and the soft texture would make for a totally satisfying sandwich.