Shake Shack Adds A Veggie Burger And Dairy-Free Shake To Its Menu

Shake Shack is officially on the menu for vegetarians and the lactose intolerant. The burger chain announced that starting May 2, 2023, it is adding three new plant-based items to their core menu permanently following five years of development and several months of taste-testing. These include a veggie burger, dairy-free chocolate frozen custard, and a dairy-free chocolate milkshake.

The veggie burger, officially dubbed the Veggie Shack, is vegetarian but not vegan. If ordered as-is from the menu, it comes topped with American cheese and the chain's "shack sauce," which contains eggs. However, even removing those toppings will not make this burger vegan friendly, as Shake Shack reports that the burger's toasted potato roll bun still contains dairy. For those just looking to avoid meat, the patty itself is made with a mix of mushrooms, sweet potato, carrot, farro, and quinoa, and is topped with pickles and fried onions in addition to the shack sauce and cheese. Shake Shack notes that the decision to make a "Shack-worthy" vegetarian burger was the result of many fan requests, and that the final recipe is informed by feedback from customers in New York City after multiple variations were tested.

New vegan-friendly desserts

While the veggie burger fills a fan-requested demand, the chain's dessert menu might contain the more groundbreaking additions. The non-dairy chocolate custard and chocolate shake have been gaining excitement since they were taste-tested in New York City earlier this year and make ideal desserts for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant.

Shake Shack developed the desserts in partnership with NotCo, makers of NotMilk, a plant-based sustainable milk substitute which claims to "taste, cook, and blend" just like milk. Shake Shack's new chocolate frozen custard is made with a proprietary recipe containing NotMilk; the NotCo website notes that its milk substitute is made primarily from water, pea protein, and sunflower oil, with small amounts of cabbage and pineapple juice which are reportedly untastable. The shake is then made from this same chocolate custard and blended with more NotMilk to create a thick, chocolatey shake which tastes like the brand's signature dairy treats.

Shake Shack announced the two vegan-friendly desserts will become available permanently on Shake Shack's menus nationwide starting on May 2. The Veggie Shack will join them on May 5, but is available for early access using the Shack App starting on May 2 as well.