The Trick For Getting Veggies In Every Bite Of Quiche

Scrambled eggs are a fail-safe breakfast, but for those mornings when you want a little more oomph? Try making a vegetable quiche, which embraces the best of both eggs and pie, consolidating your favorite fillings into one flaky dish. However, quiche is one of those meals that has a lot of moving parts and, therefore, a lot of room for error. 

In particular, quiche fillings can prove challenging to spread around and divvy up. Whether you're making a spring quiche full of leeks and Parmesan cheese or a quiche lorraine laden with chives and onions, it's not fair for anyone's bite to be better than the others. In these vegetable-dependent quiches, you want a little bit of everything, from onions to peppers, in each and every mouthful.

Yet oftentimes, quiche fillings clump together, and certain parts of the meal may be more vegetable-heavy than others. Luckily, there's one easy fix to get your greens into every bite — simply spread out your veggies onto your crust before you add your liquid eggs, and you'll guarantee consistent and continuous flavor.

Start with a layer of veggies before you add your egg

While quiche may seem like it's all about the egg, half the fun of quiche variations is in the filling, whether it's broccoli, spinach, or mushrooms. To maximize the flavor in every bite, think of your vegetable mixture less as a filling and more as a starting point. Keep in mind you shouldn't just pour your quiche mixture over the pie crust. Rather, the key to success is in staggering your veggies ahead of your eggs. 

So, to guarantee vegetables in every slice, add your favorite cheese along with your greens immediately atop your quiche's crust with a spatula. This way, you have ample opportunity to spread out your filling and cover every inch of your base if you so choose. Just make sure to pre-cook your vegetables, such as sautéing, steaming, or roasting them, before adding them to the crust — this will ensure that the quiche is thoroughly cooked from the inside out.

Once you're satisfied with your vegetable layer, go ahead and pour your egg mixture as the last step. So long, unevenly-spread fillings, and hello, your new favorite brunch: one where every slice is equal.