15 Places For The Best Steak Frites In Los Angeles

Steak frites — that combination of a juicy steak and crispy French fries never gets old, and nothing pairs better with this dish than a hearty glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Though steak frites can be paired with anything from truffle butter to a rich bearnaise sauce, a peppercorn sauce (sauce au poivre) is the traditional topping for this dish.

Since Los Angeles is one of the most important culinary centers in the country, finding a solid preparation of steak frites isn't too hard to accomplish. While French restaurants are the most obvious places to order it, there are a handful of non-French restaurants that serve up an amazing take on the traditional dish. While you can easily create your own steak frites by ordering steak and a side of fries at most restaurants, we exclusively wanted to highlight restaurants that have an actual steak frites dish on the menu. That said, here's our list of the best places for steak frites in LA!

Violet Bistro

Violet is a charming and quaint bistro located in the heart of Westwood. The outdoor patio literally transports guests to France with vine-covered walls, classic bistro tables, and romantic overhead string lights. The steak frites is, without a doubt, the most popular dish on the menu. The dish's star features a pasture-raised prime hanger steak that is cooked medium-rare. The meat is juicy, flavorful, and utterly tender.

Despite being wedge-shaped, the French fries are incredibly crispy, resulting in an ideal combo with the hanger steak. You can even have the French fries topped with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese if you want to take the decadence even further. However, no steak frites would be complete without a creamy sauce au poivre, and the one at Violet is executed beautifully. Other sauce options include truffle butter and provencal vinaigrette. Finally, order the chocolate mousse for dessert. You won't regret it.

Mr. T

This chic French bistro serves up both style and substance. A meal at Mr. T doesn't come cheap, but it won't be one that you soon forget. Though the original Mr. T is located in Paris, its menu isn't solely confined to French staples. Though its menu leans unconventional, Mr. T also cooks up some mean classics. The steak frites, consisting of flavorful hanger steak and black peppercorn sauce, pack just the right amount of punch. The fries are always a winner and crisped to perfection.

Another one of its most popular dishes is the "Thai" tuna crudo, topped with acidic, salty Nam Jim vinaigrette, red flame grapes, and a kick of jalapeño oil. The bucatini a la tequila is topped with a spicy San Marzano tomato sauce and a round of crispy parmesan, and the Mr. T mac n cheese is anything but casual, dressed up with truffle oil, melty comte cheese flambe, and wild mushroom.

Petit Trois

Petit Trois happens to be one of the most prominent French restaurants that serve up truly excellent classics. From duck confit to croque madame to French onion soup, they offer it all and do it all well. The skirt steak fries are one of the most popular dishes on the menu and for a good reason. The fries are thin, salty, crisp, and practically perfect. They are served alongside a beefy, buttery skirt steak with just the right amount of chew and a heaping scoop of herby, lemony bearnaise butter. The dish is exactly what your mind conjures when you imagine a great plate of steak frites and is a must-order.

The croque monsieur sandwich is another favorite that features a stack of thinly-sliced Parisian ham, melty gruyere, and mornay cheese sauce, served alongside a heap of Boston lettuce. Plus, the Omelette Petit Trois bears the restaurant's name for a reason. Complete with Boursin cracked black pepper cheese and chives, it's satisfyingly rich and unbelievably smooth.

Lumière Brasserie

If you're in search of a French spot in Century City with both tasteful decoration and tasty food, Lumiere Brasserie is the place to be. The airy dining room features modern furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows framed with lush palms, and warmly lit ceilings accented with gold. The restaurant is known for its French onion soup, which features a generous portion of melted, bubbly Swiss, and aged gruyère.

Once you scoop through the cheese, you'll be treated to hunks of bread that have soaked up the salty, caramelized broth chock-full of onions and veal stock. That said, Lumiere Brasserie also happens to serve some great steak frites worth writing home about. The fries are served alongside a prime ribeye filet, one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of steak. This dish is topped with beurre mâitre d'hôtel, which is a compound butter packed with parsley, prepared with a hit of lemon, and finished with salt and pepper.


Cassia is a Santa Monica favorite that serves up a fusion of French and Southeast Asian fare. Cassia is a part of the Rustic Canyon restaurant group and has received James Beard and Michelin recognition. Though some of the more popular dishes at Caspia included the clay oven bread and various noodle and rice dishes, the grilled Creekstone Farms steak frites is an ideal order for meat lovers.

The 8-ounce hanger steak can easily be shared by two people and is topped with a vibrant Phu Quoc island peppercorn sauce and herby shallot butter. If you want a little surf and turf action, start your meal off with raw spicy scallops or Vietnamese prawns. The wok-tossed asparagus and avocado also make for a tasty side to the steak frites. For drinks, stick with red wine or lighten things up with the zesty Thai basil margarita.


With its dim lighting, flower-topped tables, and elegant decor, Perle is the perfect place to enjoy a special occasion with loved ones in your life. And, when you get to Perle, you should split the steak frites with the aforementioned loved one. The dish is composed of a heaping cup of crunchy pomme frites and a 10-ounce New York strip steak. The steak is a delicious, robust stand-alone cut, but if you're feeling decadent, it can also be doused in the sauce of your choosing.

Opt for the creamy béarnaise for a tangy hit of acidity or choose the peppercorn-cognac sauce for a bold bite. You can also splurge on the bone marrow bordelaise for an earthy, rich compliment to your steak. After digging into the steak frites, lighten up your meal with the bright, simple salade verte or Perle's frisée lyonnaise salad, complete with salty bacon lardons, bites of cherry tomato, crisp chicken liver mousse croutons, a poached egg, and Dijon vinaigrette.

Monsieur Marcel

After digging into Monsieur Marcel's steak frites, you'll come to understand how the restaurant has held down a spot at the Grove's bustling Original Farmers market for over two decades. Monsieur Marcel's steak is a thin, juicy, and tender cut of Black Angus ribeye. The generous portion of steak is served alongside a pile of herby, salty pomme frites and a gravy boat of rich, flavorful green peppercorn sauce. At only $35, the dish is one of the more affordable plates of great steak frites in town.

If you're still hungry, the quiche is a Monsieur Marcel specialty. The flaky, hearty dish is packed with gruyére cheese and a choice of either organic spinach or Parisian ham. Opt for the escargot de Bourgogne, which is filled with a winning combination of garlic and shallot green butter. If you only feel like grazing, the restaurant has a great selection of imported and domestic cheese and charcuterie boards.

Loupiotte Kitchen

You'll be smitten after just one meal at Los Feliz's Loupiotte Kitchen. The all-day cafe has cultivated a charming, casual bistro feel, an impressive wine selection, and a menu that's delicious at any time of day. If you're at the restaurant for dinner with a craving for steak frites, you're in luck. Loupiotte Kitchen does right by the classic dish, serving its tender cut of steak and crisp fries alongside a bright, herby, and slightly spicy chimichurri and a helping of greens.

If you stop by Loupiotte for breakfast or lunch, the creamy polenta is a great order. The savory dish is topped with a fried egg, hearty cremini mushroom, and plenty of parmesan. You can also bump up the flavor with bacon or chicken breast or give it a California twist with some avocado. Craving a breakfast on the sweeter side? Get the ever-popular brioche French toast topped with strawberry, basil, chantilly cream, and orange zest.

Hudson House

Despite the fact that it isn't a French restaurant, Hudson House in West Hollywood whips up a mean steak frites.This modern and hip spot has a wide array of seafood appetizers to kick-start your meal, resulting in a makeshift surf and turf. Start off with the pressed tuna roll and pair it with Hudson House's signature dirty martini with a blue cheese salt rim. The steak frites are made with a USDA center-cut filet and "the good butter" that adds a creamy flavor.

In addition to the French fries, which are topped with truffle and parmesan, this dish is also served with an arugula salad. The salad adds a bit of brightness and freshness to the otherwise hearty and rich dish. The gooey mac and cheese is also the ultimate side to add and even serves up an Instagram-worthy cheese pull. Finally, be sure to close out with the chocolate silk pie for dessert.


Coucou is bringing modern French fare to the heart of Venice. This charming and quaint restaurant serves up innovative cocktails, natural wines, and an array of tasty bites in a Brasserie-inspired setting. That said, the steak frites is without a doubt one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Featuring a wood-fired hanger steak from Santa Carota Ranch, the Coucou steak frites is a dynamic dish that is full of flavor.

The hanger steak is topped with caramelized shallots which adds a zesty hint of sweetness. The Chipperbeck French fries are super crispy and a bit fuller than typical shoestring fries. The black garlic cognac sauce is perfect for dipping and dunking. When it comes to cocktails, pair the steak frites with the French Fashioned or classic dirty martini. If you prefer wine, sip and savor with a full-bodied red. Be sure to save room for the decadent soft serve at dessert.

Salt's Cure

Salt's Cure is one of the few non-French-centric restaurants on our list. This restaurant first opened in West Hollywood in 2010 and has been a go-to spot for steak lovers ever since. The 14-ounce ribeye and fries is a massive dish that can easily be shared between two people. It is served with a mushroom jus that adds a nice hint of umami flavoring and goes for $54 per order. In addition to this more Americanized version of steak frites, Salt's Cure also has plenty of modern appetizers that are worth exploring.

The hamachi yellowtail crudo with ponzu is light and refreshing as is the seared Ahi tuna, creating a nice contrast with the heartier ribeye. Of course, no starter is better than a classic bread and butter, so be sure to order the sourdough. Finally, if you want some extra sides to pair with your steak, consider the mushrooms that are cooked in red wine and herb butter.

Meet in Paris

Just as the name suggests, Meet in Paris is a Culver City favorite that literally transports guests to the City of Lights. The menu is huge and can even seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. However, if you know what to come for, you'll leave satisfied. The steak frites are a no-brainer at any restaurant that has the name Paris in it. The steak frites is made with a hanger steak and is topped with a bright garlic butter that adds an entirely new flavorful profile to the meat.

If you prefer a higher quality cut of steak, the steak au poivre features a tender filet coated in a classic French peppercorn sauce. No matter which you choose, pair your meal with the Paris Fashioned cocktail that is made with Bourbon and Angostura bitters. If you can, save room for the vanilla creme brulee or the rich chocolate souffle.


Enjoy dinner and a view at DTLA's Perch restaurant. This gorgeous rooftop eatery focuses on French food and innovative cocktails, and it's ideal for a sunset dinner on a Saturday. Though the menu features tons of tasty options, the steak frites always hit the spot. The flat iron steak is tender and juicy, while the maître d' butter and bordelaise sauce adds vibrancy and richness. This dish is also enhanced by the side of truffle cheese fries that manage to shine even when paired with such a decadent cut of meat.

If you need to add some extra sides, the bacon mac and cheese and Brussels sprouts are both top contenders. When it comes to other entrees and apps, start off with baked brie and little gems lettuce salad. The Chilean seabass is another solid yet light option that is perfect for sharing and pairing with the steak frites.

BOA Steakhouse

BOA Steakhouse is known for serving up high-quality meats in a sleek and modern steakhouse setting. With locations in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood, a trip to BOA is pretty accessible no matter where you live. Though there are plenty of steak options to choose from, the marinated skirt steak frites packs a flavorful punch that is well worth indulging in. Despite the fact that the steak is marinated to perfection, BOA also offers a handful of sauces that can be used to enhance your meal. 

You can never go wrong with the restaurant's signature J-I sauce, but the herbaceous chimichurri is a local favorite that pairs wonderfully with the skirt steak. For something on the richer side, opt for the bearnaise, truffle butter, or creamy peppercorn sauce. Don't miss out on the lobster mac and cheese! This decadent side dish can act as an appetizer or a side for sharing. 

Taix French

Since 1972, Taix French has been serving steak frites and other French fare to Angelenos and visitors from all over. This family-owned business has a traditional and upscale setting that makes it ideal for a special date night or celebratory dinner. The steak frites au Poivre takes a very authentic approach to French flavors with the black peppercorn cream. The entree is priced at $32, which is a pretty reasonable price for a high-quality grilled skirt steak in Los Angeles.

Other notable dishes include the frog legs, which are exactly like what you'd find in Paris, the trout almondine, and the lamb chops with garlic cream. Taix French also has daily specials that range from braised lamb shank to paella, so be sure to check those out if you're looking for something to pair with your steak frites. Another favorite French appetizer is the vegan-friendly ratatouille.