There's Only One Place To Get A True Dole Whip Cocktail At Disney World

Even if you've never set foot on a Disney property, you've probably heard of Dole Whip. The iconic frozen sweet is a dairy-free pineapple soft-serve that debuted at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in 1984, then at Southern California's Disneyland in 1986, and it quickly became a must-have treat for anyone who visited the parks. And nearly 40 years hence, it remains a topic of conversation in the food world. Historically, it's been offered in two forms: swirled in a cup or float-style with pineapple juice.

The Dole Whip has always appealed to both children and adults, but a place exists at Disney World where the dessert is transformed into something that is truly for adults only ... yep, we're talking about booze. If you're 21 or older and craving that delicious, cold pineapple treat with a kick, head just outside the park to Wine Bar George in Disney Springs. While you can get spiked beverages at several places inside all four Disney World parks, you won't find boozy Dole Whip anywhere but Wine Bar George. A stroll outside the bustling park might even be a welcome break from the non-stop magical mayhem.

Outside the parks, but still close by

Wine Bar George may be primarily known for its extensive, impressive wine list and outstanding food, but it shells out hundreds of Frozcato every day to people (now you) in the know. A frozen combination of vodka, Moscato wine, and pineapple Dole Whip, the concoction is incredibly refreshing on a blistering Florida afternoon and is surprisingly not as sweet as it sounds.

Back in 1998, Disney did try to make alcoholic Dole Whip happen in Animal Kingdom by serving the beloved soft serve with rum, but the combination never got the rave reviews that the Frozcato did and does. What's more is that you don't even have to go out of your way and make dining reservations at Wine Bar George, where it's always busy. If you want a Frozcato, just mosey over to The Basket, the restaurant's walk-up window, where you can get your drink to go.

Wine Bar George is led by Master Sommelier George Miliotes, who believes in using quality ingredients for the restaurant's cocktails. Miliotes suggests to The Takeout that this ensures that the Frozcato (as well as the other frozen cocktails on the menu) taste sophisticated rather than just sugary. Guests can also opt for a frozen Old Fashioned or Freaujolais made with Beaujolais red wine, vodka, and raspberry, but it's the Frozcato that's going to make you feel like you're at Disney.