Wendy's Is Offering Free Chicken Sandwiches & More To Combat Mercury In Retrograde

It's that time of year again when planetary speed demon Mercury laps Earth as the two revolve around the sun. Known as "Mercury retrograde," it occurs three to four times per year, and when it does, it's been known to wreak havoc among Earthlings. It's based on astrology, which 25% of Americans say they believe in, per YouGov. But many others may also subscribe to the notion that Mercury retrograde messes things up, and Wendy's is here to offer comfort during this difficult time — in the form of free chicken sandwiches.

The giant Earthly fast-food chain announced in a press release that it would be offering a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich (with purchase) as part of its  "Mercury Menu," which also includes other fan-favorite freebie food deals (and not a moment too soon, considering Wendy's appears to have hiked prices higher than any of its competitors during 2022).

Although the year 2023 began with a Mercury retrograde, that period ended on January 18. The next one, or, more accurately, the present one, started April 21 and continues through May 14. Throughout these next three and a half weeks, Wendy's will run a different "fan-favorite deal," each offered in a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) style format through Wendy's mobile app ordering system.

The first deal is already in action as of Friday April 21. It offers a buy-one-get-one for $1 Premium Sandwich with purchase. Premium Sandwiches refer to Wendy's Made to Crave sandwiches and burgers, which include its popular Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger. This particular deal is the shortest, running only until Sunday April 23. As for what comes next, you needn't consult an astrologer — just continue reading. 

While planets do weird planetary stuff, Wendy's is here to help

After week one's $1 BOGO Premium Sandwich with purchase, Wendy's will be offering comfort to its Mercury retrograde-beleaguered customers (and even those astrology non-believers) in three forms of hot and crispy goodness. Starting Monday April 24 and running through Sunday April 30, the BOGO deal is one "FREE Crispy Chicken Sandwich with purchase."

The next week (Monday May 1 through Sunday May 7), the BOGO offer is "FREE 6-Pc Crispy or Spicy Chicken Nuggets with purchase." The final week before madcap Mercury ceases its retrograde mischief (i.e. Monday May 9 through Sunday May 14), it's" FREE any size Hot & Crispy Fry order" with purchase.

In all cases, customers must order through Wendy's mobile app. The press release referenced above also makes certain to clarify that these Mercury retrograde deals are not offered in lieu of Wendy's year-round deals, like its Biggie Bag deals that promise to fill you with Wendy's brand of comfort food for just $6. And even if you're not a fan of the crispy, the chain still offers grilled fare, such as Wendy's newly introduced Grilled Chicken Wrap.