What Is A Nitro Lid At Starbucks And Why Do Some Drinks Not Get One?

In 2018, Starbucks announced that the chain would cut back on the use of plastic straws in 28,000 stores in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. To put its words into action, the beloved coffee shop increased the number of Nitro lids in its stores. If you're an avid Starbucks fan, the strawless lid with a wide opening for sipping iced tea, espresso, refreshers, and coffees is not new to you. 

The Nitro lid is one of the three lid varieties offered at Starbucks. There's the dome lid, which is used for thicker drinks or beverages piled high with whipped cream toppings. The other strawless lid Starbucks offers has a smaller opening and is designed to keep warmth in hot drinks. In the current nearly strawless world, Nitro lids have become especially popular among Starbucks drinkers, but why do some drinks get these coveted lids — and others don't?

Sometimes they run out

Nitro lids are used for cold drinks without whipped cream toppings. Its shallow cover doesn't leave room for much, though it is perfect for cold foam. Hot drinks aren't served with a Nitro lid because the tear-drop-shaped opening lets out too much steam and doesn't insulate heat.

Even though the Nitro lid is now a staple for most Starbucks drinks, you may not always get one, and that recently stirred up trouble on TikTok. After a customer complained about not getting a Nitro lid in a now-deleted TikTok video, a Starbucks employee issued a response on the platform. 


#stitch with @chelle.caron i swear the demographic that starbucks attracts WOULD get this mad about a LID. Sympathy goes a long way with people working in service. #fyp #starbucks #starbuckspartners #baristatok

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In the video, the employee explains that although the drink the customer ordered should've definitely been served with a Nitro lid, the store could've been out of them or the barista may have forgotten and asked for some sympathy. Yes, the Nitro lid is useful — but remember, at the end of the day, it's just a lid.