Boozy New Peace Hard Tea Is Coming This September In 3 Fruity Flavors

Fans of Peace Tea are getting a new favorite party beverage late this summer. According to a press release from Coca-Cola and Molson Coors, the two beverage giants are partnering once again to create a new line of hard iced tea based on the popular Peace Tea fruit-focused flavors.

According to the announcement, the new beverages will initially come in three flavors: lemon tea (More Peace, More Lemon), peach tea (Freedom of Peach), and raspberry tea (Really Really Razzy), and will be sold in individual 24-ounce cans in grocery and convenience stores.

Molson Coors notes that hard tea is a growing segment of the alcoholic beverage market, with sales increasing by double-digits annually for the last several years. Twisted Tea — already extremely popular with Gen Z — is in a great position to compete in the growing alcoholic iced tea market (even Lipton also has a hard iced tea line of drinks). 

"Peace Hard Tea comes with a distinct point of view, amazing flavors, and incredible branding to build something new and exciting in the alcohol aisle," said Amanda Devore, Molson Coors' Marketing Director for innovation in the press release. "We think there's a huge opportunity, and people love this brand. It has an edge and a really loyal fanbase."

Appealing to Gen Z

While the brands are excited for the new product launch, getting your hands on these new hard teas may be difficult depending on where you live. According to the press release, Peace Hard Tea will be a regional launch, with markets in the Southeastern U.S.– where the eight flavors of original, non-alcoholic iced tea have already gained a loyal fanbase among Gen Z consumers; these Gen Z consumers (who have reached the legal drinking age) are the ideal target demographic for the new drinks, especially in the areas where Peace Tea is already selling well. Peace Hard Tea is expected to launch around Labor Day.

Unlike other popular flavored malt beverages like hard seltzers, Peace Hard Tea will be non-carbonated, but will contain a similar alcohol content at 5%. 

This is not the first alcoholic collaboration between Coca-Cola and Molson Coors: The two brands partnered to launch an alcoholic version of Coca-Cola's Simply juice brand, Simply Spiked, which comes in lemonade and peach flavors. Previously, the two companies collaborated on the boozy version of Topo Chico; this Hard Seltzer debuted 2021, and quickly proved to be a popular option for American consumers.