Tamworth Distilling Debuts Innovative Gin That Can Be Worn As Perfume

When the floral notes of a perfectly crafted gin cocktail hit just right — when you softly inhale the heady scent a split second before your lips touch the rim of the glass — it's not a stretch to imagine dabbing a drop or two on your wrists or behind your ears. Inspired by the sensory experience, Steven Grasse, the innovative owner of Tamworth Distilling in Tamworth, New Hampshire, decided to test the premise when he teamed with distiller and botanist Matt Power to create an aromatic gin that doubled as a perfume, according to a press release from the company. 

It's not such a far-fetched notion. After all, distillation is an offshoot of ancient civilizations' efforts to create perfume. Still, it took two years of trial and error for the crew at Tamworth Distillery to develop the formula, which amounts to edible perfume. All of the ingredients had to be natural. The distillery's location in the foothills of New Hampshire offered easy access to a bounty of aromatic flora and fauna.

"We're telling the story of our local flora in the form of the most floral spirit possible: gin," Grasse said in a company statement. "Sylvan Mist sings the song of the flowers and the forest as both a gin mist and perfume. It's an unfolding bouquet, adorned with balsam fir, German chamomile, grapefruit, violet leaf, boronia flower, and juniper."

The connection between perfume and distilling

Make no mistake, Sylvan Mist is more than gin with a pleasant scent. It was developed according to tried-and-true methods for perfume-making, infusing high-quality essential oils in high-proof alcohol. But still, it's an alcoholic beverage that's suitable for human consumption — but it packs a punch at 75.5% ABV. We touched on the elements of its fresh bouquet, but what about taste? According to a company statement, the flavor profile of Sylvan Mist conjures a sunny day in a northern forest, freshly mown grass, violets, kiwi, and honeydew melon with notes of balsam, citrus, and chamomile.

The team at Tamworth Distillery names their creation Sylvan Mist as a nod to the Roman god Sylvanus, overseer of woods and fields. The aromatic gin and perfume is a limited-edition offering beginning May 9. Priced at $80, Sylvan Mist is presented in a 100ml gold-trimmed, glass bottle with an atomizer spray pump packaged in a turquoise gift box. It's currently available for pre-order on the Tamworth Distillery and Seelbach websites.