The US Airline With The Best Free Snacks

Air travel isn't what it used to be, particularly when traveling on a U.S. domestic airline. And unless you're on a super short flight, complimentary snacks and a good beverage — particularly when you're flying coach — can spell the difference between a halfway decent trip and a miserable one. Thanks to cost-cutting measures, we don't see much by way of complimentary snacks, much less full inflight meals, on domestic airlines anymore. 

The most you can expect if you fly coach includes cookies or pretzels on American Airlines, versus nuts, energy bars, and SunChips on Delta. And while travelers that spoke to The Wall Street Journal ranked this American airline as one of the worst for canceled flights, extreme delays, and mishandled baggage, most passengers agreed that when it came to snacks and inflight service, there is no other airline like JetBlue. It may be positioned as a low-cost carrier, but JetBlue's complimentary food and beverage selection doesn't feel that way.

JetBlue's complimentary snacks offers a wide variety

The days when JetBlue offered Terra Blue chips may be long gone but it still offers up a branded selection of all-you-can-eat nibbles that includes Cheez-Its, Stellar Vegan Butter Pretzel Braids, 88 Acres Seed Bar, Chifles Plantain Chips, and Goodie Girl Cookies. It also has a decent selection of Pepsico soft drinks and juices and Dunkin' coffee and tea. Of course, if you're willing to cough up the cash, you get more including cheese and fruit plates, sandwiches, and salads. 

JetBlue also makes noshing on your meals more enjoyable through free WiFi and watching live television if you have a DirecTV subscription. Even for those that have thought ahead and picked up a sandwich or meal at the airport, the free snacks and drinks will surely complement whatever you've packed. While the freebies and the in-flight perks may not have done much for JetBlue when it came to The Wall Street Journal's airline rankings, it appears the snack selection makes up for those stats in some small way since passengers still gave the airline plenty of praise for its inflight meal service.