The Deceptive Sale Labels You Should Avoid At The Grocery Store

With so many coupon options and various advertisements, it is nice to know what a good deal looks like at the grocery store and what is an advertising gimmick. Even the best grocery stores will try to pull a fast one and encourage their customers to buy more than they need. While coupons are often a good thing and benefit the customer, there are many hidden messages that aren't shown in the advertisements displayed.

Popular retailers will offer coupons and specials that may say something along the lines of: "Three for $3!" or "10 for $10!" Maybe you have witnessed this buying candy at the self-checkout or browsing the individual bottles of soda and drinks in the grab-and-go section.

Companies want you to buy more, and they do this by advertising the option to buy multiples of one product or brand under the guise that it is a savings. It is to trick you into thinking you are saving simply by buying more.

For your next shopping trip, be on the lookout. 

The gimmicky truth

What the stores are not telling you is that most of the time you don't have to buy five or 10 of the items in order to get the deal. You may only have to buy just one. Because who truly needs to buy five or 10 individual candy bars or bottles of soda? If the deal looks quite absurd, then it probably isn't telling the full truth. But, before assuming the store is trying to trick you into buying more, make sure to check the facts and the fine print. Even try reaching out to a clerk to ask about the specifics of the deal if you are still unsure about the deals and specials.

An easy way to check for deals such as this is to download the store mobile app on your phone and stay up to date on their online newsletters that often feature weekly coupons and the best deals. Knowing what to watch out for and staying up to date are important steps in being a money-saving shopper.