For Your Next Starbucks Date, Opt To Share A Venti-Sized Drink

Starbucks can be an expensive but for many, necessary habit. Luckily there are ways we save money if we can't — or don't want — to drop this habit.

You can use star points to earn rewards, but even with this helpful money-saver strategy, Starbucks is increasing its prices all the time. In fact, according to the Associated Press, Starbucks prices increased by 6% in 2022.

Instead of searching your car for loose change, when you and a friend need a small pick-me-up from Starbucks and want to save a dollar or two, try splitting a venti drink. A venti hot latte is 20 ounces compared to a tall latte which is 12 ounces. Sometimes it doesn't take much to get caffeinated, so if you want to save some money but enjoy the pleasures of that subtly bougie drink, you should try it out. 

Whether you're a Pumpkin Spice fan or just a regular latte fan, it works no matter what your favorite Starbucks drink may be. Although, be aware that this trick does not work on their mobile app. 

So, how much can you actually save?

How much you'll save -- let's look at the facts

On average, depending on the state, a venti 20-ounce latte costs $4.95 and a 12-ounce tall latte costs $3.95. By splitting, you may lose a measly two ounces, but you will save a dollar in the process. Per ounce, you are looking to pay $0.25 by splitting compared to $0.33 if you each get your own 12-ounce drink.

A venti 24-ounce iced latte costs $5.45 on average, while the price for a tall 12-ounce iced latte is $3.95. Splitting the iced venti latte into two would result in two full 12-ounce tall iced lattes, which would save you $1.22. That's even more savings when you split an iced latte versus a hot latte.

At the end of the day, you will save a dollar or two if you split your drink. It doesn't sound like much, but this can add up over time if you make it a habit with your carpool on the way to work. Imagine how much you'll save over the course of a month if you frequent every day. That's about $30 minimum. A year? That's over $300, just in coffee savings.