King Charles III's Coronation Will Be Celebrated With A Humble Savory Dish

The date of May 6, 2023 will be a big day for the people of the United Kingdom. This particular Saturday marks the coronation for King Charles III and will be the first of a sovereign in the nation since Queen Elizabeth II, which took place 70 years ago. Needless to say, celebrations will certainly be in order. Throughout the weekend, festivities and parties will be hosted by both the government and citizens honoring their new King and Queen Consort. 

In 1953, Coronation Chicken was famously created for a banquet honoring the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II and became an iconic dish. To carry on with tradition, King Charles and the Queen Consort have chosen their own dish and recipe that they are encouraging people to make and share while enjoying the celebratory weekend. The royal couple worked together with royal chef Mark Flanagan to create a special type of quiche. 

A classic quiche gets the royal treatment

The sovereigns aren't exactly following in the late Queen's footsteps and picking a chicken dish, but they're coming close by selecting one made with eggs. The Coronation Quiche is assumed to be a good meal for sharing and is one that can be served hot or cold. King Charles is known to be an avid gardener so it's no surprise that two of the quiche's ingredients are broad beans and spinach, two vegetables that are in season during May in England. Other ingredients noted are English cheddar and tarragon.

The response to the selected dish on social media hasn't been universally positive, as noted in the New York Post. Some critics have complained that quiche is just plain polarizing and that the decision to select an egg-based meal during a time when eggs are scarce and expensive is plain out of touch. However, others appear excited to try the entree. When it comes down to it, people are free to make whatever food they'd like while enjoying the spirited weekend whether that involves Coronation Quiche or not. 

If you're feeling festive and want to join in on the celebrations, try making our spring quiche recipe that features garlic, leeks, and parmesan cheese.