The Contemporary Twist On Knish Is Mashed Potatoes On A Hot Dog

A knish is a savory snack that typically consists of fried dough stuffed with delicious offerings like meat, potatoes, onions, cheese, or sauerkraut. The pie was originally brought to the U.S. in the early 1900s by Jewish immigrants and sold from street carts. Today, they still remain popular and are a fixture on menus throughout New York at places like Yonah Schimmel's Knish Bakery. The eatery serves different forms of the dish from spinach to a red cabbage version.

However, when most New Yorkers think of noshing into knishes during the 80s and 90s, they remember a fond time when they were sold alongside hotdogs at street vendors on the sidewalk. Served hot or cold, they were an easy meal to grab on the go and had incredible flavor. Inspired in part by that history, Comfy Pup Chef Michael Walker created his own twist on the classic snack — mashed potato gravy dogs. He told The Takeout he made them for a fundraiser in Los Angeles and they did incredibly well.

He adds this condiment to take his creation up a notch

While Walker admitted he can't take credit for being the brainchild for mashed potatoes on a hot dog, he did add his own spin on the meal. The restaurant owner said he first tried the concoction while attending college in Bloomington, Indiana, and there was a guy called Nowhere Mandrews that would sell them outside of bars. "So when I started selling hot dogs I was like, welp, I gotta do this at some point," Walker revealed. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio, also makes a version that tops their creation with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and scallions.

However, Walker explained that to make his variation "more like a knish experience" he adds spicy brown mustard in the layer under the mashed potatoes. The condiment is the perfect addition to meat because it adds a complex and tangy flavor. A savory hot dog mixed with earthy potatoes and a zesty kick sounds like the ideal comfort meal. If you're now craving this meal like we are, try our mess-free cooking method for your franks that utilizes an air fryer and you'll be one step closer to recreating this mouthwatering dish.