The Water Trick To Make Reheated Chicken Parm Taste Brand New

Of course, a fresh dish of chicken parmesan is always best with its delicious sauce, crispy chicken, and perfectly al dente pasta, but, it's so tasty, it really is just too good to waste. That means you should learn to love leftover chicken parmesan too! While reheating chicken parm could leave you with dry, subpar chicken, it's actually surprisingly easy to reheat this meal and make it taste just as delicious (and moist) as the first go around. Come on, you've already put in all that hard work to soak and bread your chicken, so why not enjoy it as much (and for as many meals) as possible?

While it's easy enough to pop your chicken in the microwave or oven, a simple added step (and ingredient) can help fans of leftovers avoid dry chicken parmesan. It's actually pretty obvious; if you have dry chicken, you'll need to add water back into your dish. But before you flip on your faucet, if you want to enhance the texture of your leftover chicken and make it taste all the fresher, you have to rehydrate your chicken parm the right way.

A little water goes a long way

So the secret ingredient to perfectly reheat chicken parmesan isn't much of a secret, however, how you add water back to your dish is very important and moderation is the name of the game. Whether you prefer to reheat your chicken parm in the oven or the microwave, a little bit of water can go a long way so just add a few drops of liquid to the top of your chicken parm before adding any heat. 

We know this idea sounds somewhat strange, and you may be worried about soggy chicken parm, but water evaporates from your food as it sits in the freezer or fridge, which explains why your reheated chicken parm doesn't taste as juicy as the original. Those added water droplets compensate for some of that lost moisture and help make your chicken parmesan juicy enough for another meal.

Just remember: a few drops of liquid will suffice so be careful not to add too much liquid. If your chicken parm is still dry after you heat it, you can always add more water as you go. Trial-and-error is the name of the game here. But, with this trick, your leftover chicken parm will be everything but an error.